10 Best Affordable White Sneakers

10 Best Affordable White Sneakers

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  1. Jeff should I get the Stan Smith's or the killshot 2?

  2. I really thought you weren’t going to mention the Nike Cortez. Great choices.

  3. Carlos Martinez Jr

    Salute OG Triple G! Air Force 1's! Can't beat a classic! Just ask NaS, Rakim, Blast Master KRS 1, and DJ Premier!

  4. I've been waiting for this video!!

    I need some Air Force Ones!!

  5. Addidas Superstar Shell toe

  6. yo! its Tony Tone!

    Have to admit.. I never cared about all white sneakers because I thought that they were just too plain. Watching this channel gave me an appreciation for them and you really opened my eyes to how versatile they are. Have a pair now and I'm gonna stay with a pair in my rotation.

  7. The New Republic is simple and plain yet it's the most versatile! Mostly because its ALL white!

  8. As always, great video! Adidas outlet has the stan smiths for $28(great deal).

  9. alex thelizardking

    You're getting me addicted to white shoes.

  10. 90 AIR MAX with the MESH TOE!! Leather toes fold up . That's why Air Force Ones sales went down

  11. Which of these is most comfortable to walk long distances in? I like taking white sneakers when I travel but don’t want my feet to hurt.

  12. if you are going to cop the Reebok Club C you may as well shell out the extra $30 or so and go for yeezy power phase

  13. The young boy was rockin the Killshot on that new Shaft flick

  14. This was trully a great video displaying under 100$ white shoes that are timeless and i got to agree with you that the new republic shoe is the best bang for your $. Nike air force 1 close 2nd

  15. I just found the Nike killshots at the thrift store in excellent condition for 5.00, awesome sneakers picks and excellent video… Thanks Jeff and as always… Salut!

  16. Where is the Air Force 1 lookbook video? Salute!

  17. Finally some Pumas.

  18. thanks was already thinking about what white sneaker to buy. salute.

  19. You should include Superga white canvas sneakers. Very affordable and probably better looking than all the ones mentioned. Euro designed too.

  20. That’s what I’m talking about my brotha. The perfect shoe list when you’re on the budget. You can buy two pairs and always be fresh. Keep the videos coming!

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