10 Best Fall 2018 Sneakers Under $100

10 Best Fall 2018 Sneakers Under $100

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  1. Remember brittish knights, the bk's were good sneaks

  2. Best fall pants?

  3. Mark Lester Perez

    Watching your contents has become part of my morning routine. Salute!

  4. Style O.G., those Asics and Jordan Racers are fire…

  5. Definitely getting the black and red Adidas. Thanks

  6. Jeff, awesome shirt dude!!…Also great video again as usual

  7. I've got the Yeezy Powerphase in Core Black. Got in on StockX for $107

  8. Awesome list! I just bought some AF1 & Puma Suede. I find a lot of deals online. In fact, I paid only $35 for Suede(bought 2 pair with free shipping)on finishline…

  9. That Flia was a load shoes

  10. Great video, I am thinking of getting the onitsuka tiger Mexico city shoes, but it's not very versatile.

  11. That Asics with Gum. I love gum bottoms! That one had me quick! Good mix up Jeff. Have not seen this shoe.

    Also another strongpoint:
    Adidas Superstar Shelltoe (Black w/white stripes)

  12. Make a list of shoes for guys over size 13+

  13. Your sneaker videos are my Favs !!!! My Pic the New Balance , The Adidas and the high top ASICS !! Great video like always !!

  14. All pumas suede are underrated kicks when it comes to price+quality. Chanel growing up fast,bro!Kudos!

  15. Nike Cortez are a staple here in Cali and I like those Jordan racers too Salute !

  16. Nice shirt man

  17. Can't go wrong with the AIR FORCE 1s. Check out the ASICS GEL VICKKA TRS, in grey, with the gum bottoms for $80. Nice choices Jeff!

  18. thatboyfromnextdoor

    no fucking way i found the ultimate channel

  19. Great list and I enjoyed it but the fila is not my style and have a blessed day

  20. Wow those were all pretty good choices.

  21. All black shell toes

  22. Savvy Life Strategies

    Outstanding suggestions, Jeff. Some many choices, so little time 🙂

  23. Surprise u didn't have NB 574 on ur list

  24. Man that Adidas is fire.

  25. alex thelizardking

    Nice list

  26. Love them Reebok Classics my top fav!!

  27. I was wondering if the Uniqlo sweaters are worth getting for longevity. I don't have a lot of money, and I can't afford to buy one and have it rip after a few months. What's your opinion on the longevity of them? Do you still have yours?

  28. Did they still make FILA shoes?

  29. i first found your channel because of your video on how to rock your j ones like a grown ass man (i may be paraphrasing a little) so i knew you'd have some good suggestions for fall kicks

  30. Am having goose pump today.
    Thanks so much STYLE OG for the Salute.
    You made my day and am always learning more about style from your channel. Thanks Bro.

  31. It's always great video man I have the Reeboks and they're in a tan and brown salute

  32. Style O.G. got our backs

  33. The Nike Cortez is really dope MR O.G. I had them back in the day. Timeless for sure. Salute!

  34. Puma Suede’s, Reebok Classics, and AF1’s – so classic and so many colorways that you can always find a pair to fit any season.

    One of my favorites is the Saucony Grid 9000. I’ve got it in the “Peanut Butter and Jelly” colorway which I like for fall.

    Also a wildcard personal favorite for me: the Nike Air Max Sensation, formerly known as the Chris Webber, in black and blue. I’m a mid 90’s b-ball sneaker fanatic and these work for fall IMO.

  35. I gots to grab them continentals

  36. Sammy2018 G-Blessed

    These fall collections make welcoming fall fun…..salute! All the way from New England

  37. Great video

    Well what ive seen of it Salute!!

  38. My favorite best sneaker for fall is the Nike AirMax OG 97 x UNDEFEATED

  39. Saaaaloot my guy…

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