10 Best Fall 2019 Sneakers Under $100

10 Best Fall 2019 Sneakers Under $100

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  1. There are alot of good style channels out here but you're my favorite style channel OG. Salute 🙂

  2. Great content as always o.g. Not sure if youve done coats on your channel (overcoats etc) i got this https://images.app.goo.gl/tcZX97SAKCpHc6SE9 from Zara mens last year and looking to buy a few more. Could you do one on suits and coats/outerwear (dos and donts) coz it rains almost everyday. Piece & Love from the UK

  3. stoleriu ovidiu

    your voice makes me feel I am listening to a good friend.

  4. Tight budget?

    The Style O.G. gotcha.

  5. Kind of surprised no one mentions the Puma Suede/ Clyde's anymore.

  6. Marlin Hudspeth

    Great video OG! Can you do a similar video but with black sneakers ? Thanks.

  7. I just recently bought a pair of the Nike Killshots. Those New Republics in suede and the Rockports are on my to buy list. What age range would you say the Mid Camo is for? I REALLY like those.

  8. The tailwind is a winner!

  9. prince kyei barffour

    is a sad thing that most of the shops dont ship to ghana

  10. I think black or white Nike Cortez would have been a great pick to feature for under 100

  11. Man, that Rockport is a beauty.

  12. Where have you been all my life man.. definetly getting the republican

  13. Can't wait for the AF1 lookbook video OG! Only you would make a video like this. Thanks a heap Jeff!!

  14. Gotta have my Chuck's. Shogun of Harlem: "Kiss my Converse!" You got the glow, O.G., good vid!

  15. Da-Pro-Fe-za Añejo

    Hey OG i read a few reviews on the Rockport they look nice but mostly every comment kept saying they run big. Did you experience them been a bit big or do they run truly to size. By the way great Video.

  16. Robert Brathwaite

    Very clean styling for the fall.

  17. What do you think about wearing white after labor day?

  18. Engage TransCorp

    Those New Republic Joints!

  19. A under 100$ shoe lost with out the Stan smiths?!?…….BLASPHEMY!!0

  20. The Real Cleve Ave

    What! No Stan Smith? Lol

  21. You're a sucker for a gumsole and I am too. Love those Killshots . Salute !

  22. Dopeness all around O.G. Before I watched I was wondering if Vans were going to be on your list. I love the Old Skool's. Definitely going to pick up a pair for the fall.

  23. Air force one all day every day any color

  24. Those ASICS and of course the Air Force 1s and the adidas real slick too

  25. Hey Jeff, how about the adidas Stan Smith’s? They run for around 70.00, I know they are summer sneakers, but I’m my opinion can still rock them thru fall, just my 2 cents, as always great video and info, Salute!!

  26. Tailwind 79!!!!

  27. I wore my Nike KillShot2 today for the first and believe how comfortable they were. Good recommendation OG. Salute

  28. Mustapha Mamman

    Very Nice looking Sneakers My favorites are-:
    1. Black with White soles sneakers
    2. Navy Blue Suede Sneakers.
    3. Green Corduroy Sneakers
    4 Navy Blue Nike Mark and Green Mark.
    5. White Adidas Sneakers.
    6. Grey Vans with Tan coloured soles
    7 Yellow/ Stone coloured with Red Nike Mark.

  29. Nice picks OG. Don’t sleep on the Reebok Club C 85 vintage. I think they’re a great stylish alternative to the Air Force 1, Stan Smith, or Continental 80.

  30. A nike tailwind '79 look book would be great

  31. Nathaniel Seymore

    Some great picks on this list! Some new, smooth choices for me as well. I like your style!

  32. Nice video

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