10 Best Men’s Spring 2018 Sneakers Under $100/Best Spring Men’s Sneakers

10 Best Men’s Spring 2018 Sneakers Under $100/Best Spring Men’s Sneakers

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  1. No kswiss??

  2. check yourself before you reck yourself

    The Nike air force 1 & adidas indoor super though

  3. I do plan on adding to my spring collection(maybe some all white vans), but currently I have my Stan Smith's, low cut chucks and blue Puma Romas. But I will say that the NB black/pink and the adidas campus were speaking to me, the colors on both were really nice. Btw, that navy shirt & leather jacket combo is on another level my brother… Salute!

  4. Eye Heart Sushi

    I got a pair of white sneakers at DSW yesterday. The brand is GOLA and the logo is the British flag so I guess it's a British brand, LOL! Anyway, they look like the New Republic shoes you showed on the video. Very comfortable and stylish. Love them.

  5. SwagMaster Jeff saving lives!

  6. Lee Style&Fragrance

    Great video Jeff I do need sime Suede sneacks for Spring I was thinkin NB.

  7. I like the vans , forces, and light blue Adidas

  8. U really surprised me with this one

  9. (Trying to understand US shoe sizes, I believe I’m size 15) 48 in European size. Impossible to find fitting shoes

  10. Filling pieces are the truth.

  11. i love the video, but i was expecting stan smiths also 😀 SALLLLOOOOTTT

  12. thejonesexperience

    Aye Jeff,
    When we gon get that "Iconic Style" Sidney Poitier edition?

  13. I see you OG with the jacket

  14. Frederick Calabrese

    Stan Smiths and Neos all the way. These are the only sneakers that stay on my long extra narrow feet(13A).

  15. like top ten vids, thanks OG.

  16. Filas thumbs down

  17. Woowww I've rocked tons of Air Force 1's in my teen years. Used to love it.

    In this list I like the Vans Old Skool and the Adidas Campus vibes. Regarding the New Balance I prefer another models such as the 565's.

    Anyways, another great and usefull video as usual my G. Salute!

  18. Jeff where did you get that leather jacket?

  19. I still roc the Fila I'm going to check out those Calvins. Good vid OG

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