10 Best Winter 2018 Sneakers Under $100

10 Best Winter 2018 Sneakers Under $100

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  1. ..man, Jeff..where did you get that shirt? Too fresh. Oh, and the vid is good, too. Those Con's are beyond dope. AF1 Crush Reds are nice too. Keep the content comin', OG!

  2. I like that you took the time to show all of them again before the end. Also, how do I get one of those fly ass shout outs at the beginning of videos??

  3. I am a major AF1 fan, so the pair you showed caught my eye! I don't remember that colorway, but I love it! Also, I wanted to add Vans to my sneaker collection and the pair you showed was awesome! I just bought Vans' NASA last week, however I def. will buy these Vans and AF1 probably right before or after Christmas(can't beat these prices). Good looking out!!! #Salute

  4. I've had my eye on those New Republic black Kurt shoes for when my current black sneakers wear out. Or maybe I'll just go ahead and upgrade.

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  6. Love those Chuck’s. Good eye Jeff

  7. Good information

  8. I like all these picks. For me personally, I'll be getting the new republic black sneakers. Great video as always, OG!

  9. OG the Black New Republics are on my Christmas list! Great video!

  10. Nice picks. Love the Reebok

  11. Ahhh, this video is an excellent reminder. I really sleep on the burgundy/maroon/oxblood color for sneakers. They're just not on my radar for some reason. It's too bad because I know I look good in that color. I have to get after it and pick up a pair,….especially to rock with my gym gear – (my gray or black sweats). Thanks G.

  12. Great list and I enjoyed it and have a blessed day

  13. I’m younger, so I go with sneaker boots. They are usually on sale <$100, so
    1. Converse Mesh-Backed Boot: theyre pretty classic looking, waterproof, warm, and the Lunarlon is way better than classic Chuck.
    2. SF AF1 mid: I haven’t tried it, but it looks so utilitarian, but based off a classic design. I’m pretty sure it’s water resistant.

  14. Those pumas are definitely coming to my collection

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  16. Al Bundy for President

    Fantastic mate, streets ahead of other channels, who constantly try to sell us stuff.

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