10 Greatest Sneakers Of All Time/Best Sneakers Ever

10 Greatest Sneakers Of All Time/Best Sneakers Ever

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  1. I'm new to trainers/sneakers never wore them unless doing sports. Can you PLEASE break your norm and do one for ladies? Just one?

    New sub from London UK.

  2. airmax 90 deserves top5

  3. Onitsuka Tiger

  4. Himanshu Chauhan

    where the hell superstar gone

  5. Pro Keds! Salute.

  6. 10. Air Jordan 1
    9. Air Jordan 1
    8. Air Jordan 1
    7. Air Jordan 1
    6. Air Jordan 1
    5. Air Jordan 1
    4. Air Jordan 1
    3. Air Jordan 1
    2. Air Jordan 1
    1. Air Jordan 1

  7. Chauntel Shannon

    For me nothing beats the Nike Foamposite. It is virtually indestructible and the material it is made out of molds to your foot after so many wears.

  8. adidas superstar and nike cortez… pure legends

  9. Reebok classic leather

  10. Reebok classics

  11. If you mute the video and look at just his face it looks like he’s in the middle of a stroke.

  12. The black dad i never had

  13. Reinhard Dutha

    What about 80s Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi?

  14. if I'm not mistaken, converse was founded in 1906, and was the original sneaker with that style, many older and newer sneaker companies had taken that style, including ball band, speed boy, buddy, keds, Spalding and even Harley Davidson and Maserati (to an extent), which resulted in over 40 lawsuits in the style area alone, converses materials and technology were common in the 1920s

  15. How old is too old to wear to be wearing Vans shoes?

  16. Prince Of Youtube

    You might add puma. Oh wait you added that, I forgot who I was talking to. The O.G of style definitely the most underrated style youtuber ever. Salute

  17. Reebok Question, Jordan 11 and 12 would be three of mine

  18. You can’t make a list like this without the Nike Cortez!

  19. The Common Projects doesn't belong there, it's just another iteration of the white tennis shoe. And BTW that was a top 9, you just mentioned 9.
    I think the NB 574 deserves a spot, also the Reebok Classic and the Reebok Freestyle Hi.

  20. of course you are talking about that sneaker…lolz. Nice video!

  21. SuperSoleREAPER

    Puma Suedes?

  22. Salute O. G. Glad to have subscribed. It's great to see fellow minorities win fam.. Glad to see the Sambas on here because I feel that these are so underrated on the classics tip.

  23. Love me my Stan's Jeff. They are so versatile it's ridiculous. Right up there with my tan suede Chelsea boots are my Stan's.

  24. alex thelizardking

    Diadora elite
    Puma Schumacher
    Converse weapon
    Nike air max

  25. if you like the Stan Smith, check out the Rod Laver…I prefer those

  26. Chucks and Jordan 1 are true OGs. I also love how you included AF1s… I love the look and feel of AF1s!!! I actually wore a pair today.. I'm not familiar with your last pick, however I can't argue with your choices…

  27. Jordan is the goat!

  28. If i had to choose one shoes for res of my life, it has to be stan smith.

  29. I would add these to the list ; Air Jordan 3, New Balance 574, Adidas Ewing, Converse DR.J, Adidas Pistol Pete , Air Huarache (Fab 5), Air Max '90 and '95, and British Knights.

  30. What about Pro-Keds? They were the #1 sneakers in the 70's

  31. Adidas gazelles should have made the list

  32. 999M Subscribers

    How do you lace up your bred 1s?

  33. I like your picks but no Jordan 11 “Concords” or “playoffs”, Jordan 12 “playoffs” , “sick game”, or “taxi’s”.

  34. I'm gonna buy a shoe and I can't decide between the superstar Stan smith and air force 1 I need everyone's opinions

  35. -chucks
    -vans sk8
    -puma suede
    I got 4 out 10 for me….

  36. Great picks.. some of my favorites. Thanks for the video bro❤

  37. makaveli the don

    Amen to Puma suede!

  38. why does vans old skool hurt my feet? is it too narrow?

  39. What about the German Army Trainers? I feel theyre one of the best sneakers of all time


  41. Yes sir…such a great list O.G. as a sneaker lover I can really appreciate this!!!

  42. Raynaldi Sanusi

    Question: You're putting a lot of content. Heck a video everyday at 4pm EST. But how are you managing to keep up with new ideas and content for each video that is so specific towards your channel's niche?

  43. Top 10 in no order
    1. Chucks
    2. Stan Smith's
    3. New Balance 574
    4. Jordan 1
    5. Jordan 3
    6. Jordan 11
    7. Airforce 1
    8. Puma Clyde
    9. Van's (low)
    10. Achilles
    Honorable Mention Jordan 4
    Just my take OG

  44. AirMAX 90 and Jack Purcell's shoulda made the list…

  45. Dániel Magyar

    I need help! I've bought a V-neck sweater, the smallest size (S) and it's still a bit baggy. It says it can only be washed on 40 Celsius. Would y'all recommend me washing it on a higher temperature to shrink it?

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