10 Most Stylish Adidas Sneakers Under $100

10 Most Stylish Adidas Sneakers Under $100

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  1. Great solid vid man!!!!

  2. Rams SuperBowl Champs 2019

    The inikis are so fire on feet! I get compliments every time I wear them

  3. Am I the only one who don't really like the iconic toe shell design?
    Still great video O.G.

  4. Great selection. Curated!

  5. yo! its Tony Tone!

    Adidas are very underrated in my opinion. I definitely got to get a pair for the summer

  6. Another great video that actually helps people

  7. Next up. NIKE, please!

  8. Damn big bro great shoes I got the Stan Smith in lime green and burgundy

  9. also like the adidas campus

  10. Stan Smith’s are next on my list followed by the slightly more expensive Yeezy Clay (disposable tax refund cash lol)

  11. Once again dropping that stylish knowledge O.G.!!! Just got a pair of Stan Smith's for th e spring and summer.

  12. Oli Freakin Davis

    My bro got some Gazelle for $10 at J crew and some Campus for $30 at Footlocker

  13. "the Gum Sole Train". I see whatcha done there!

  14. JEFF ! I'm glad you pointed out Adidas , great stylish shoes ! I'm OVER Nike (SUCKS) . Adidas Super Stars are great ! You should like me , Adidas were my first gym shoe I purchased with my own money in the 70s ! Classic and Cool .

  15. Fragrance Journey

    Give me the all white Stan Smiths with the green strips and I’m Gucci OG.Good video

  16. Nice video

  17. Adidas are Life… coolest shoe on the planet.

  18. Anthony Johnson

    My gym gear is all Adidas. Black color head to toe, but my Superstars have seen their better day. I like the Samba's you highlighted today, but I'll want the black with the pop of white on the stripe. Thanks for the heads up, G.

  19. Progressive Viewer

    Checks over Stripes..

  20. I think I seen you in target in Warrington pa(Montgomery county) last week, I wasn’t sure so I didn’t approach you ..but if it was salute..and love you content.. it really had me step my game up

  21. Savvy Life Strategies

    Another great video, Jeff. Stan Smith is a classic and only $70. Well done, Salute!

  22. The new Marquee Boosts are retail $120, and are pretty good basketball shoes and probably for lifestyle.

  23. Stan Smith for the win! Another solid video OG!

  24. SAAAAA-LUTE! my man

  25. Dude loved the vid keep it OG

  26. Thanks for the post!!!

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