10 Ridiculously Expensive Shoes You Can’t Afford

10 Ridiculously Expensive Shoes You Can’t Afford


  1. I do have yeezy red octobers

  2. This bitch calling red October's hideous suck a dick

  3. What about undefeated x jordan 4

  4. Congrats you just lost a subscriber

  5. Hypebeast buy the ugliest fucking shoes

  6. “You can’t afford” this nigga

  7. king of basketball reese

    Ill buy that shit I got hella shoes on the wall

  8. I can afford it maby you can't I'm a millionaire and you

  9. You cant afford? Lol not every people are broke

  10. my older boys got the Nike…….

  11. Danish Whiteboy

    i can afford them ´lmao

  12. Isaac TheHidden

    Bruh she called the red October’s hideous

  13. Red Octobers are fire Just unsubbed

  14. Did you for real say forces cost about a couple hundred dollars. You better check again.

  15. Anyone can afford these shoes if they work for it

  16. Bitch some people can affored these shoes

  17. Xd I own mags

  18. Red October’s aren’t hideous


  19. Not those grandpa shoes

  20. Nike and Jordan shoes are worth it

  21. Jayden Wantenaar

    you forgot the louis vuitton x supreme

  22. The flu games are retroed so there not impossible to get.

  23. The mags are cheap now

  24. "Air Force 1s are a couple hundred dollars" "red October's are hideous" this person knows nothing about sneakers

  25. Boi y'all don't know crap red octobers u can get on grailed smh it's so hard being around normal ppl when ur a hypebeast

  26. Bruh Red Octobers r fye

  27. My dad has one of those shoes

  28. How do you know I can’t spend 1 million dollars on shoes own 4 pairs of Chris red bottom and 10 pair of yeezy

  29. Most of these shoe are pretty ugly tbh expt them jordans 1s and the flu games

  30. 1:30 my brother has those I think they ugly

  31. I bet one rich person is watching this is giggling

  32. I got the air mags I won one in the key machine

  33. Dumbass, thinking one of the coolest sneakers of all time are ugly

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