10 Shoes Every Girl Should Own

10 Shoes Every Girl Should Own

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  1. Ahh, but the black looks much more chic. I just don’t feel as confident in nude shoes. I have olive complexion.

  2. I love black suede pumps. My go to for almost everything.

  3. Great idea and tips.

  4. I can’t wear heels. I’d be like 6’4” wearing heels, plus the fact that I wear size 11 shoes

  5. The only shoes I need are my pink crocks

  6. Karen Krista Tulinius

    I can't walk in non block heels

  7. Great advice, since I'm on a budget I want to get the most for my money. This is very similar to how I work my wardrobe out. Its cool that a lovely fashionista such as yourself would confirm I've been doing the right thing!

  8. I love you girl

  9. I have those YSL flat slides in that exact colour, and they are the worst shoe I've ever bought. they sit way too forward on your foot and uncomfortable to walk in

  10. Not everyone can wear heels

  11. all the styles are nice, but I have a problem with having 10 pairs of shoes in only TWO colors.. I need a bigger color variety. Sexy red pumps are also a MUST HAVE!

  12. I love your ..skin ..do tell some secret ….i love the way it look hydrating


    Love your brows girl

  14. Love love

  15. I am so respect western girl can wear those heal…walking around…with ease…mine 2.5 inch(thick one not tiny or sharp one) or wedges were preferred

  16. White shoes … very difficult. Americans seem to like white sneakers a lot I noticed. A bit of a giveaway at times. ; )

  17. you embarrassed to show them because theyre so much used ?!!! well how about if i would love to lick them clean for you…for free..
    the other beige pumps, on 3:21, i would sit underneath your shoes with legs crossed in photo. and will lick the bottom platform clean…

  18. Nudes for women of deeper complexions? Suggestions?

  19. Tenisha Robinson

    I love your sense of style… everything is absolutely beautiful on.you.

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