10 Shoes Every Guy Needs in High School / College || Men’s Fashion Haul || Gent’s Lounge

10 Shoes Every Guy Needs in High School / College || Men’s Fashion Haul || Gent’s Lounge

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  1. What shoes are you rocking on the first day of school?


  2. Come on, which 15 year old needs 5 pairs of dress shoes?

  3. Thursday Boot Company

    So dope! Awesome video. Glad we made the top 10 🙂 !!

  4. You have five pairs of sneakers with your choices, what if the guy wants to wear loafers or another style of slip on shoes?

  5. First day of school… Wear everyday clothes. When you're marking your teritory you don't want to wear unconfortable shit even if it looks good on you leave that for the last week of school and only if you're not gonna see their faces next year

  6. Anybody know what kind of shoes the grey sneakers are? Link is for something completely different…

  7. what are the timberlands

  8. Hey Gents's Lounge, have you guys ever considered making a video that shows off your entire tie collection?

  9. What brand are those brown tennis shoes?

  10. Those suede chelseas are sick, Blake

  11. Cool video as usual

  12. Why are you promoting/preaching consumerism to 16 year olds…

  13. if you're on a budget :
    1 . Adidas advantage VS (all white)
    2 . Leather Loafers (Dark brown or burgundy )
    – believe me , that's all you need.!


  15. Isuru Nanayakkara

    I like that black Timberland boot but I wish it came without the zipper. That looks a little off.

  16. yea no my kids don't need that many. thanks.

  17. Good content! Keep making awesome videos, congrats!

  18. Would a pair of tan double monks with jeans be overkill? Too dressy or can them look okay with casual clothing?

  19. That 574 sport is fire. I like it in navy!

  20. blake you're looking fit man!!!

  21. I dig the choices but it depends where you went to college. I went to one in SoCal and it was super casual, sandals and shorts, casual.

  22. And some will go for Stan Smith, Vans, and J's

  23. i enjoyed the many different types of footwear,eventhough Im not in school

  24. I really dig George's 2nd pair. Those brown dress shoes are awesome.

  25. I got common projects for back to school

  26. What do you think about Aldo Shoes, I just ordered some Monks from Aldo… whats your opinion on this brand?

  27. Gotta watchout with them white laces on them boots tho

  28. Those new balances look huge, do have like size 15 feet?

  29. Where's the stan smith? Absolutely essential sneaker imo

  30. nice vid.

  31. Can you give us some suggestions for shoes for men that like things on the darker side? Edgy guys in general want to look cool but a lot of these fashion blogs for men are very predictable and the looks are so conservative and will make you look older and plain. I am
    40 and I ain't tryin to look preppy and old.

  32. If I can only pick 2:
    1) ultra boosts
    2) that timberland high top actually looks pretty dope

  33. Responding to the title: hell no, you don't even need 10 shoes

  34. The average high school guy can't afford 10 pairs of shoes. He needs 1 good pair and a pocket full of cash and condoms.

  35. If you wear dress shoes or chukka boots in high school you will get made fun of for the whole year

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