10 Sneakers Everyone Should Have In Their Closet

10 Sneakers Everyone Should Have In Their Closet

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  1. IG fam coming in clutch! Marizameza_

  2. Trying get my wife a pair of black sneakers. What y'all recomend?

  3. looooovvveee your channel!!!

  4. I love sneakers 🙂 My favorite are the Adidas Gazelle, Vans and Converse. I also like the Adidas Superstars.

  5. reasonablechica

    All of those shoes look like they've never seen a day of use except for the canvas ones. How do you wear them regularly and not have scuffs,creases, or discoloration? What do you use? None of it looks like they can take shoe polish.

  6. The more shoes the better lol

  7. I need those Jordan's

  8. Are you going to start cutting anytime soon? (I remember a couple of months ago you said you were bulking through the holidays?? Something like that! Lol.) Or do you think you'll just change up your diet/lower calories?

  9. Vanessa I couldn't care less about sneakers lol but I love you and your channel so much so I went ahead and liked this video anyway. I just wanted to comment and tell you that I appreciate your existence and your lovely channel. You are a sweetie and seem like such a cool and genuine person, and you are a really big inspiration for me on my fitness journey (: Thanks for being so real and down to earth !

  10. Yes! 11s are a must have

  11. Where da Yeezys?

  12. Have you seen the Nike air vapomax? they're so cuuuutteee

  13. Stephanie Rodriguez

    My favorite pair of sneakers is roshe. I have them in so many colors but I definitely want to try some sneakers. I am looking into getting a pair nmd. Everyone recommend them.

  14. I have a few nikes high top which i believe are meant for basketball. I def don’t play basketball and just bought them for the look. Do you know if I can work out in those? Not impact exercise for sure bc there’s no cushion for it, but for weight lifting.. is that fine? I think it is, but I don’t want to look silly if that’s really not appropriate at all lol

  15. Cool kicks!

  16. I love me some converse and vans but girrrrrrrrrl u got me lovin them jordan 11's. I might have to snatch me up a pair

  17. ᏆᎾᏗᎣᎭ O.o

    I’m stuck on the fact that we’re supposed to have 10 pair of sneakers….
    also they were all in boring colours. An I /HATE/ classic reeboks. I grew up in the early 90’s and I had those as hand me downs from cousins along with other 80’s cliches and got made fun of so bad. Never again will I wear that crap

  18. Love the pony tail!

  19. I think you're so cute.

  20. Basic silhouette?? Hahaha! Business casual shoes!!! Girl you are cracking me up!

  21. A must have for me is the Nike flynit freerun!

  22. Loved this video! What’s your opinion on Air Force 1s?

  23. I love Nike air max!

  24. Let me get them burgundy chucks?!?!?!

  25. los sneakers que ocupo son los de tu corazon mi vida casate conmigo

  26. Anything with memory foam pads

  27. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 1 pair of sneakers what would they be?

  28. ChocoCremosoGamer

    I hate Sneakers

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