10 Things YOU OWN That Are OUT OF STYLE

10 Things YOU OWN That Are OUT OF STYLE

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  1. I wear vans but i skateboard i love the brand

  2. Everything was good except for the crocs lol

  3. again " this is just a video , dont take it seriously " he said

  4. People where vans cuz they skate and vans are good skate shoes smdh

  5. If any of the brands that this guys said to throw away gives him money, he is going to say they are classics and you should keep them,

  6. Clay Soggyfries

    I hate how kids dress like skaters. Its late the 2010s style

  7. The fleece came back hard in winter 2017/18.. least it did at my college

  8. This guy's style is literally out of style that dress like the advertisement of out of style clothing store for men

  9. Artturi Koivikko

    What if you use Vans to skating

  10. Bomber jacket is out of style

  11. Why you gotta do my boi jonny depp like that?

  12. This is just a 5 minute ad for some jewelry

  13. Anthony Pollard

    What happens if you don’t own a lot of things in your closet? I’m a 20 year old, semi stylish guy. Funds are really low but I always try to keep myself up with what’s trending with literally having 4 pairs of shoes and few pair of pants lol. What should I do?

  14. I'm not getting rid of my baggy tall t shirts

  15. You tubers needing someone to tell them how to dress and feel important.


    um,, excuse you??? only THE MOST high iq men wear crocs.. you just dont have the iq level requirement needed to understand FASHION, kid. grow up.

  17. What brand was that denim jacket

  18. Crisentino Hicks


  19. Scotty Kolbuss

    fuck off dude, fleece is literally to stay warm fucktard, i’d take comfortabilty over “style” anytime

  20. Old graphic Ts are great for pajamas or to workout in.

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