10 Year Old Asian Girl’s Sneaker Collection 2017!

10 Year Old Asian Girl’s Sneaker Collection 2017!

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  1. Who’s here when he has long hair

  2. Thats a dope Occupation lol

  3. drinking game:
    take a shot Everytime she says "Kinda"
    take a shots everytime she says "I guess"
    Take 2 shots Everytime she says "yeah"

  4. New camera plz

  5. Josh Holliefield

    she look like an anorexic Dora

  6. LittleAsianDude2 A

    She looks like the Asian skinny Dora

  7. She's so cute wit ha fye shoe collection

  8. fly

  9. The only alright one was the 13s

  10. All these shoes are wack

  11. What is says that's it's 2017 but vid publisher on 2016

  12. Should put your sis in your videos more often

  13. Laelah Farquharson

    she looks like dora

  14. Carlos Hennemann

    Your sister does look like Dora

  15. the official kimo

    nvm they are I never saw the bottom cuz the oreos and Olympics look the same

  16. you gotta sell that wanna be hover board and with the money u

    gotta buy a new camera

  17. Fresh_ Prince_boii

    camera quality asssss

  18. She does not look like Dora

  19. the views are 123,123

  20. she does look like dora

  21. my nigga 4"5 , i was 5"9 in 4th grade

  22. Nigga said Michael Jordan played baseball

  23. what size are they

  24. Very very good man !!… I subbed , keep it going, keep it going ! #onelove
    ( and , yes !… she looks like Dora omg !!… )
    Cool to see her in your video's imo !..

  25. the Asian dora

  26. sub to me and i will sub to u just repost saying i did

  27. She does look like Dora his sis is tripping

  28. Some jordans

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