12 Most Stylish Classic Men’s Sneakers Under $100/Best Classic Sneakers Under $100

12 Most Stylish Classic Men’s Sneakers Under $100/Best Classic Sneakers Under $100

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  1. Black Vans Oldskool r my favs 🙂

  2. Please do a how to style white converse for men please!!

  3. Nike Cortez and converse breakpoint pros are the are my favorite converse breakpoint is my number 1 it's not classic but it is the ish

  4. I love the plain white Adidas Nizza perfect to wear with anything, clean em with a watered down bleach to keep them looking extra white

  5. Nathaniel Worthy

    Great vid. Jeff I still see u doing your stuff. Keep up the good work.

  6. Loved them all not all bulky slim and stylish

  7. Do you tailor all your shirts? Like is the shirt you're wearing in this video tailored or just off the rack? Salute!

  8. U gotta order a pair of Pharrell tennis hu!!! Most comfortable shoes ever. They run big if u decide too

  9. Im new to the channel and love the versatility in style you provide. Good stuff. Glad I subscribed. You should do a video on versatile ways to rock a blazer jacket, that would be dope cause I got a street style and casual style and sometimes I mix the two together.

  10. Stans Smith all the way

  11. keeping me interested

  12. Very comfortable when creating your outfit of the day.

  13. I love Converse Chuck Taylors
    I definitiely gotta check out the other classics
    I've been sleeping on them

  14. Yo! Thanks for the video!

  15. Salute J style OG,
    I got the
    puma suede mesh black/ white stripes
    Puma suede classic peacock blue /white stripes
    3 puma benny classic black with white stripes
    Adidas Stan smith white on green
    Adidas Stan smith grey wool material
    Adidas Stan smith white primeknit boost (need your advice on that)
    Adidas super star:
    Got 80s 2 pair (crazy)
    2 pair Super star primeknit (need your advise)
    Adidas Canvus suede black with white stripes
    Adidas Canvus suede blue with white stripes .
    2 pair Nike classic sweats black suede
    Nike majestic blue suede
    Nike royale black suede
    Fila grant 96 white (2pac wore in all eyes on me album) need your advise.
    Nike Air Force 1 mid black suede on white swoosh.
    Vans ol skool black with white stripes
    My list can go own.
    Just need opinion on adidas primeknit and fila grant 96 and Next step is Nike mayfly .

  16. Jhonatan Sanchez

    Hey Jeff,
    Could you review the men's cologne Diesel Bad?The ladies love it but no one from the fragrance community has done a review on it and it was released in 2016

  17. my favorite classic sneakers under $100: 1. chuck taylor converse   2. Vans classic low

  18. Frank Lester Delos Reyes

    I have the Adidas superstar with a brown suede upper. Nice List.

  19. richard rohloff

    I was waiting for the Nike running shoes and you didn't disappoint. You nailed the list

  20. great video my man! choises for me converse all the way love them check out guys chuck taylor 2s they are awesome!cheers!

  21. I like to wear converse and the Stan smiths

  22. All these picks are great I agree 100%

  23. i love the all white stan smith adidas. Don't like logos all over my shoes.

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