1. This video has like 600,000 more views than Blake Linder sneaker collection

  2. Bruh you are the most spoiled kid ever

  3. The yeezy are fake

  4. Mans finna out grow those shoes in 2years at least

  5. Daddy’s money

  6. Doesn't take out the human races cause he know dem fake shit

  7. Sneaker Head 101

    Damn he 14 and a HIGH ASS. Voice

  8. 4Ks8 Fingerboardz

    If he doesn't take out a hype shoe it's fake, like why wouldn't u show ovo 10s?? And the human races were fake cuz he used them for a prank

  9. You aint show the ovo 10s cause they fake

  10. Them size 3 looked so cute lol

  11. This is some little spoiled rotten fuckboy. You know damn well he takes what he has for granted fs

  12. Damn yo momma bought you those shoes? Thas cool

  13. Aryan Minocha MUSIC AND VINES

    I only got 1 out of his collection

  14. John_hamilton1234

    Your yeezys are fake

  15. splashguardian 77

    Wow short simple sweet for a 14 year old. NEW SUB

  16. Hypebeastfor life

    Usually when I see a spoiled rich kid like you I would rant in the comments but I'm not going too because I see you appreciate everything you have and take care of it

  17. Wtf did he do At 0:00

  18. I'm a sneakerhead not a hypebeast I hate adidas except for yeezys

  19. Emilio Alvarado

    All y'all hating because you know you can't afford even 5 pairs of his shoes

  20. Emilio Alvarado

    I like that pull over where'd you get it?

  21. Your voice is so fucking high have your balls dropped

  22. Anglique Tettonis

    Parents rich for sure.


    Check out my Chanel Chad

  24. This video is ass you have all fake ass yeezys ill give this video 2k dollard worth of shoes no where bye 25k like wtf all fake ass yeezys

  25. It’s always gonna be those same people that make a hate comment about something

  26. “Custom Jordan 11 galaxy custom”

  27. What is that jacket called its dope

  28. Those are LeBron 11 bud

  29. broooo u shouldnt have bought all these so young cuz u gon grow out of them fast

  30. Black and green yeezys are fakes

  31. A yo what's good it's your boy spoiled kid her and my mom bought me these shoes and I have 0$ in my bank account

  32. Your what we call a "follower"

  33. those are not jordan 11s those are lebron 11s at 1:46

  34. he not 14 cuz im older than him

  35. Yo bro I'm having trouble storing my shoes where'd you get those drawer things

  36. kevin wisniewski

    This kid is gunna out grow all these shoes, and it's gunna be a waste of all of his parents money

  37. "When I first got them the Smell on them were amazing "

  38. Where are the yeezys?

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