16 Year Old’s $1,000,000 Sneaker Collection! $$$

16 Year Old’s $1,000,000 Sneaker Collection! $$$


  1. Dream Shoes <3 but can't afford hehehh

  2. Parents money never did anything in ur life

  3. Me: Dad can I get a new pair of shoes
    Dad: Are your old shoes still good?
    Me: No, they are in horrible shape
    Dad: Do they work?
    Me: Kind of, but I’ve had them for a year
    Dad: I’ll get you a pair next year

  4. We all know if this dude went to Wisconsin and saw the same shirt without the odd white written on it he would not have it

  5. This is so ridiculous. A perfct example of someone who is concerned about "having" and not "being".

  6. AKA 廟口欸奶雞


  7. Kid your feet are going to get bigger. Have fun with a million dollars worth of shoes you can’t wear.

  8. Blake, I am just starting my collection but I was wondering where you get your sneaker storage boxes?

  9. Mango Productions

    Uses the supreme money gun to shoot one ☝️

  10. bruh need one yeezy for myself too

  11. Who came frome faze adapt

  12. My mans lucky he's in the US, cause I'd straight run up in your house for those my G

  13. all this money and can't even get a good skincare product

  14. Would be more impressed if he actually worked for everything in this video

  15. anyone know the name of those adidas at 6:02 they look hot bit iam a noob 😀

  16. I have those exclusive kyries because I play EYBL basketball


    I saw $1,000,000 then I saw vans…clickbait

  18. I’d rob you if I could

  19. Ur a daddy's boy and u feed off ur dad For shoes piece of shit

  20. Nothing but hyped shoes


    I don’t know who you are
    But I will find out where you live
    And you know the rest


  23. Or else it gets the hose again

    I hate this guys voice.

  24. Creammmmmmmm,mmmmmmmmmm

  25. Y’all hating cause y’all wished y’all had them lmfao

  26. These are not yours. These are your daddy's. Grow up first, get your own money, and then get your own collection.
    Also, i don't really know why but just by looking at your hypebeast wannabe style and the way you talk and move like you wished to be black really makes the whole thing ridiculous.
    You think you are cool but trust me.. this video will make people clown you and dislike you more than anything. lmao.

  27. Eetu Pärnänen

    Bro u wack

  28. Donato Felicella

    why is it that most people who got all these sneakers and are so hyped up, are super skinny and lean. and white

  29. "costED $50"

  30. Daddys sneaker collection, worth one million dollars.
    "Even though there my dads, they fit me so I wear the too"

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