2017 Sneaker Collection

2017 Sneaker Collection


  1. Man atleast put the colorway

  2. Nice shoe collection

  3. Great collection but you forgot mah favorite shoe Jordan 13 Chicago’s,altitude,bred

  4. There all Jordan’s

  5. Eduardocr7 Reyes

    What did you use to edit this video?

  6. you got heat

  7. theme aqua 8 are firee

  8. Them French blue 12 are clean

  9. 1:12 those are nice

  10. 0:21 FYI those are gamma blue 12

  11. Her 9s are fakkke

  12. Savion Williams

    She don’t have non of the new Jordan’s she don’t the blue 5s or the red 5s or the Jordan’s 11 win like 96 or the Jordan’s unc

  13. Savion Williams

    Good collection but them 7s are fake I️ am a sneaker head I️ know them are fake

  14. At 5:08 her 7s or fakeeee

  15. nice shoes!

  16. Nice shoes

  17. Im trynna Get sum heat like uu

  18. Joyce Henderson

    I like your sneaker.

  19. Nickanator 1502

    So much heat

  20. Yo shoe collection litt


    U don't hve 2 but can u sub 2 me? I'm almost at 600


    And what size u wear?



  24. Them White Jordan 1s look good on u

  25. corinthia sengendo

    i have like every shoe except for 4 of them

  26. I loveee ur sneaker collection especially the jordan 1 red velvet or burgundy color

  27. good vid shorty i liked and subbed can i get the love back and keep grinding and buying

  28. @eduardo chavez are u retarded? those are aqua 11s

  29. Bruh she just called the Jordan 11 unveristy "aqua 11

  30. Lit collection

  31. Jordan De La Torre

    No Jordan 5s

  32. Just subscribe subb back

  33. Sequoia Rheubottom

    Can you give me some of your shoes that you can not fit

  34. ThePrettySweety

    Hey can you subscribe to my channel

  35. What do you use to edit

  36. What a collection, great vid.

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