1. You enjoying the gum more than the shoes

  2. Oml stop chewing that gum

  3. Learn how to chew

  4. Chew right bitch

  5. He going hard with that gum

  6. Okay I'm trying to be nice and enjoy the vid, but STOP CHEWING GUM, imma huge fan tho, and they were all nice shoes

  7. abdulrehman sarmad

    you mother fucker your gum

  8. abdulrehman sarmad

    ass holeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. abdulrehman sarmad

    fuck this gum you ass hole

  10. A bro you lucky you have all those shoes because I only have one and I want to be like you

  11. SHUT Th e helll up with that goddamn gum it's annoying as fuck

  12. Hunter Henderson

    I am saying goodbye to all of his videos because I can't do it with us was chewing that gum do loud

  13. Who else is watching this in 2017

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  15. Stop chewing gum so loud

  16. This nigga really on a fucking mission to annoy people with that gum chewing

  17. The foams look ugly asf my opinion though

  18. subscribe and u won't regret it Dedrick Romero

    Take out the fucking gum

  19. 1:562:04 made me cringe

  20. Damm is the gum good?

  21. Bro why you gotta chomp on ya gun right by the mic it's mad annoying bro like that's irritating to hear all video with headphones in

  22. How many times he gonna say "joints"

  23. if it aint yeezy it ain't shit

  24. Jus chew gum like a dumbass to match the rhythm, maybe it'll flush out the sound

  25. Dude ducking chew with your mouth closed it's very annoying

  26. those were fear 4s not oreos

  27. where does those shoes comes from


  29. Jesus Saves John 3:16 John 14:6 Romans 6:23

    Jesus saves John 3:16 John 14:6 Romans 6:23.

  30. Let a man chew his gum bruh

  31. for one he chewing on the gum loud and every shoe "been looking for these joints"

  32. the gum tho

  33. Bitch ima punch on you when i see you for chewing like that

  34. let him chew gum it his mouth

  35. fu CK yuo

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