5 Biggest Sneaker Mistakes Men Make

5 Biggest Sneaker Mistakes Men Make


  1. I couldn’t agree more Jose, I just ordered an all white Stan Smith that just dropped you can’t never have a enough good pairs of all white sneakers. That’s all ways my go to.

  2. It's easy. Just buy all your clothes in black and white. You're set for life

  3. Agreed, always get a good quality, basic and classic shoe/shoes that can be worn with pretty anything and then play around with with more shoes if you want…Jose I am really digging your your look in this video, you look great.

  4. Nice onee mate ♥

  5. thank you I needed that

  6. Love you jose❤️

  7. Ahmed alhattami

    بنقالي والله مال امك علم بشي

  8. Neemanjot Khangura

    How to get a girl who is not interested in u

  9. José make some gym vlogs, i miss the fitness videos.

  10. Where is that jacket from?

  11. Screw the $180 shoes, where can I get one of those gray jackets you're wearing?

  12. Loving that grey suede jacket!

  13. I wonder if Jose’s sneaker game matches his watch game?

  14. Jose killing it with the daily uploada as always, I see.

  15. Jun Productions

    Finally another tmf video

  16. be like no one

    sub me i will sub u back

  17. hey jose, where did you get that jacket from?

  18. jose I love you

  19. Ultra Boosts go really well with denim that have a slim/skinny/tapered fit

  20. hey jose! please do a video of 2018 trends for teenagers

  21. no Thursday boots? dissapointed

  22. David Vavrinek

    Hey can you do vid about chinos and how to wear them?

  23. 90% of sneakerheads can't dress. And just bc u wear Supreme/Bape/Off-White or other hype streetwear brand does not make u a good dresser.

  24. hey i am very lucky for being a part of tmf squad thankful to jose

  25. Jose subtly upgrading his transitions in such a dope way.

  26. Sick vid dude. Your style is so on point. In ten years you’re gonna become a multi-millionaire.

  27. If it isn’t working wear a watch.

  28. I love the 270s

  29. Liv Tsigaropoulos

    Just bought a pair of Stan Smiths! What do you think?

  30. Are the nike air270 worth it? Its a cool design which i honestly really like, except from the sole at the back, it turns me off a bit and thats my biggest worry tbh, that i might not wear them at all because of that.

  31. Kamil Jakiśtam

    Please tie laces in your ultraboosts like you did in last tip

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