5 Dress Shoes Every Man Must Have – What Leather Men’s Shoes To Buy – Which Ones To Purchase First

5 Dress Shoes Every Man Must Have – What Leather Men’s Shoes To Buy – Which Ones To Purchase First

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  1. Daniel Alejandro Fuentes Toro

    is any of these shoes more appropriate than the others for a college student? i don't have any dress shoes, so i'm thinking about investing in my first pair, but i only can afford one pair, and i would like to know which is best. Thank you.

  2. Daniel GenX6887 Harrison

    I bought a pair of Black Medallions from Ace Marks and I love them! I'm amazed at how surprisingly comfortable they are! I'm still waiting on a pair of shoe trees though.

  3. Benjamin Harrison Gray

    Dap shoes there. I like.

  4. If you can get those shoes under $400 it's worth it.

  5. Thank you Raphael!
    Very informative!

  6. Have you ever done a video on "Colours for men" type video?…. i.e. m'en who look best in pure white and cooler shades (charcoal, navy, black) as posed to earth tones and brows? Thanks!

  7. We have the brown derby wingtip brogues. 3:50 but the color is brown

  8. that tie is perfect with that suit. I am going to buy one!

  9. Look up parques shoes on Kickstarter. They cost very little for unique and quality shoes in your choice of design. Highly recommend.

  10. I have a pair of black jungle boots for formal occasions and OD jungles for normal wear.

  11. I enjoyed this video just one question at what point would suggest investing in a pair of suede shoes possibly in medium or dark brown thanks again for the great information.

  12. I can not find the 2nd shoe on the list at the ace marks website any help here?

  13. You dress like you're in the 50s lol

  14. While wearing black oxford, how important is it to tuck your shoelaces?
    I have been doing it for a long time, I don't remember who told me to do it but it looks good.

  15. I am looking for grey suede penny loafers. Paul Evans doesn't have them anymore. Nothing on the internet.

  16. I love Ace Marks shoes! I picked up 5 pairs and am looking forward to getting several more.

  17. Black open lace wingtips are great with gray trousers. If you are like me and wear lots of gray trousers, they are great.

  18. I liked the sponsorship in his video, as long as you stay true to your word, gentlemen’s gazzette won’t turn into a sellout.

  19. silversurfer12371

    Good job once again; especially for narrowing things down to just 5 only. However, I personally don't care for Monk Strap shoes, but that's just me. Everything else is spot on.

  20. Those double monks look amazing !

  21. Another great video. Maybe you could answer this for me. When exactly did shoemakers decide that an upturned toe was the way to go. A shoe is traditionally supposed to be perfectly flat from front to back and from side to side.

  22. Guessing I have all these.

  23. Hi! So is the quality of acemarks that much different between something of better quality? Also what’s the difference?

  24. Thanks for the great video!
    May I ask about your opinion on the norwegian shoe ("Norweger" – I´m not sure about their familiarity in the U.S.)?

  25. Smh. Quality over Value……. you know this

  26. Ur suits r very baggy

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