5 Men’s Shoe Styles Women Hate

5 Men’s Shoe Styles Women Hate

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  1. This is cancer

  2. dont wear sneakers.dont wear slides.Wow.I have decided against subscribing to this challenge

  3. The way that man looks down after he says I'm the Robin to your Batman.

  4. So what can I wear instead of flip flops? Tom's?

  5. Your opinion on men shoe styles aren't going to to make you very popular. Saying one of the most successful sports brands in the world are out of style. WTF

  6. Isn’t she in Shrek ?

  7. You just fcked up with showing jordan 11s…

  8. Dead on
    In short don't wear the wrong clothing in the wrong place.
    Gym gear, beach wear, boat shoes are not for casual urban use. You shouldn't wear hiking shoes to a wedding. Don't wear pajamas to Walmart. Squares toe shoes should only be worn in Dr Frankenstein Laboratory. Spark plugs optional.

  9. I wish they would take that advice with cowboy boots I hate square toe boots they look ridiculous just like the new country music sucks with all the rap and skinny jean wearing country singers

  10. Style changes all the time from month to month probably and you're never going to be able to keep up, or you'll drive yourself into debt. Guys are still dating women and still having relationships and marrying women and having kids and families. At the end of the day, who cares what society thinks. Women, if they're nice to each other anyway, encourage diversity and difference, uniqueness in the things that make them self-conscious, now they're gonna be picky about your shoes? Screw it! Go your own way and do it the way you want, she's supposed to like you for you, right? Why does she want a robot that's like everyone else? That's like watching the same TV show over and over again. You think she keeps up on fads and impresses the guys? Nope. If her hair were any tighter, her eyes would be ripped from her eye sockets. Don't buy into this game, do what you wanna do, play their game the way they really play it, you're your own person and shouldn't be like anyone else, that's what she really wants.

  11. Oh stfu about Jordans. Saying smt about space jams… keep talking I couldn’t care less

  12. Wear what you like. Fashion styles are always in flux.

  13. Those big bulky sneakers are such an awful look. Sneaker heads are the worst.


    so i can't wear my space jams ? gtfoh

  15. I feel atacked

  16. 4:34 they're not like the fashion ones.. clearly a sheep
    So if they were made by some famous fashion designer it becomes ok?

  17. I wear slides when I want and how I want. Like Justin and Kanye I attract very attractive women which she is not.

  18. Mikhail Aleksandre Voltaire Acebuche

    Great production value! I love the new style of your videos. However, I'd have to disagree on the point about flipflops. Taken into context, yeah, wearing flipflops in the metropolitan cities of the United States would look awful. However, here in the Philippines, flipflops are the way to go. Just my 2 cents.

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