5 MOST COMPLIMENTED Shoes Every Guy NEEDS | Must Have Sneakers for INDIAN Men | Mayank Bhattacharya

5 MOST COMPLIMENTED Shoes Every Guy NEEDS | Must Have Sneakers for INDIAN Men | Mayank Bhattacharya

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  1. Hi mayank please make a video on slim fit denim jackets and slim fit shirts especially the stretch ones (both). Ideally a comparison of brands.

  2. Vidyut Khandelwal

    Congrats for da 200k subscribes

  3. Rajpurohit Abhishek

    Aap apne hair kese set karte ho. Please bataiye.

  4. Soumyajit Dutta

    Sir what about penny loafers?

  5. Tanishk gupta Gupta

    Please upload ki Hame different different place jane ke liye different different clothes pahani chahiye

  6. show your full dress out, after this video..( I mean in next video's)
    The reason is I'm "BIG FAN" of your dressing style..

  7. Make a video on nike air mags

  8. Abdullah Mohsin

    Top 5 jackets. Plz

  9. Nice hairstyle

  10. mayank plzz goo for some more parts

  11. I recently bought a pair of Adidas Superstars in all white color. I must admit they don't look as good as I had expected.

  12. please share brand of Chelsea boot

  13. Can you make a video on how to clean white sneakers

  14. How to give volume to the hair , like you have..plz make a video

  15. Deepak Adhikari

    Can we wear brogues with jeans or casual dress?

  16. TheIndianBlader AshtonPinto

    Nice. Jesus bless

  17. Mustafa Siddique

    I want something related to our abusive behaviour. Is that good or bad?

  18. I have a flat foot. Can you make a video for ppl with flat foot?

  19. Abhishek Choubet

    Mayank do make series on 5 most complimented things:)

  20. Do you have a flat foot?

  21. 200k Mubarak ho bro

  22. Yeah obviously #Top5 #MB

  23. Debanjan Baidya

    dude take less time and just say what the video is meant for!

  24. such a wannabe!

  25. Will Chelsea boot look good on a guy with 5"5 height ???

  26. Congratulations on 200k. Lets target 500k before this year ends.

  27. Skip 2 minutes

  28. any1 tell me the name of d background music….plz

  29. Taran Manaktala


  30. Plz make video series on
    MOST COMPLMENTED Shirts, tshirts, pants, jackets.

    Also make a video on Coloured funky socks and how to style them

  31. That "Arey bh*sdike aaja" was a show stopper. I had to replay it twice. 😀

    Kindly post some of these cuts like these at the end of every videos you upload from on.

  32. Chelsea boot can b worn by small height guy 5'7 or around with little bit of broad body structure??

  33. make a video on "how to clean leather sneakers"

  34. No shoe can help you find love. If you are real, chappals will work .
    If sm1 likes you because of shoes . Act smart and run from there

  35. you are unbeatable and ur hair nd dressing always be on point just like a gent

  36. yes plz… bro

  37. Top indian deos paar video

  38. Congrats on 200k subscribers

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