5 Shoes Every Guy NEEDS to OWN | Must Have Sneakers for Men | Mayank Bhattacharya

5 Shoes Every Guy NEEDS to OWN | Must Have Sneakers for Men | Mayank Bhattacharya

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  1. Mayank I really appricaite the way you give the dedication to the work for the trend going considering current era. Could you please provide tips on your channel for shorter guys.. Thanks!

  2. Just got my light brown Ruosh chukka boots this week, they better last me 5 years or more because me a fortune.

  3. shining dhire

  4. hope you'll reply

  5. Skanda Venkatesh

    Make a video on
    Which dress to wear with white casuals shoes

  6. Bored of these things.

  7. Hye bro i got that lightweight jacket… its cost RS 4000 its so costly…

  8. bro vidio is awsome
    my opinion is that you should grow trime beard on your face it will make you awsomew

  9. Dude!! you dropped this video at a perfect time.
    I was literally confused to buy shoes.
    but after watching this video my probs are solved and for the love of god thanks for link in the description .

  10. 1) hair looking good
    2) the sneakers @ 1:56, 2:12 & 2:15 look gross
    3) driving mocs and slip ons can be categorised together, but loafers are definitely more dressy and more stylish
    4) say sucker FOR monk straps, not sucker of monk straps. that means you are actually sucking the shoe
    5) the oxford looks good!
    6) happy that you stopped asking for 1 lakh subs by the end of the year. you realised that was too much to ask for too soon. take it slow man. collaborate with the big guys, alpha m, rmrs, tmf from time to time so that your channel gets exposure. hopefully you can hit the 1 lakh mark next year!

  11. Hey Mayank! I think this is your best video. The background suits your skin tone and your shirt is the one am gonna get next. The "but weren't done yet" at 3:24 is energetic man. Do that in upcoming videos. As always thanks for another pro guide for the perfect men shoes!

  12. Bro shirt looks amazing …can u plz give link to buy it if u had purchased it online


    copy from alfa.m but nice very nice

  14. Bro make a video on how to clean white shoes / sneakers

  15. Nice haircut bro. Cheers

  16. looking forward to see your monkstraps in action

  17. make more videos on shoes and watches please.
    amazing video, btw!

  18. I need to invest in a new pair of sport sneakers

  19. You always suggest expensive products that a normal indian guy could not afford so please made a video on budget clothing and fashion. For affluent guys these suggestions are awesome but for a middle class guy its so expensive
    Courtesy your veiwer

  20. I m still wondering how to be more casual with a lillte teen look… I think people around u matter as i not really go on meetings.. Mostly at home. There should be a lower and hoodie guide…. Btw great work

  21. Hey I want the grey one

  22. Footwear video after long time.
    Mayank plz make a video on over all clothing to build up a decent wardrobe and one more thing the shirt is looking superb on you.

  23. Respect man

    One word I can tell…..


    Can you make a video on hairfall

  25. Divy Singh Raghuwanshi

    Man..I hope u get to work with ruosh and provide a great discount code for us..!!
    Great vedio brother.

  26. Awesome video brother

  27. You are the best mayank

  28. Saikrishna Patra

    Reply me plzz bro

  29. Saikrishna Patra

    U r the best bro love u


    A video for teens plz!


    Awesome video

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