5 Shoes Every Man Should Have | Classic Essentials for Work & Play

5 Shoes Every Man Should Have | Classic Essentials for Work & Play

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  1. Last shoe was an Oxford, not a Derby. but you already know that by now. good vid.

  2. Presbian116 Tier1

    TMF wearing Chelsea Boots before they became hyped 2:10

  3. VIP Rehearsals

    Tassle loafers LITTLE GIRLS SHOES

  4. Luiggi Rosado

    This, among other videos on your channel (and in all honesty, other menswear YouTube channels as well… But yours was first though) made my realize how 'style-blind' I was. I started to rebuild my whole wardrobe, and my most recent addition where some nice tan cap oxfords, and every time I pulled off an outfit with those, I get tons of compliments. Long story short, I am forever grateful with you and other channels I've been watching, that have helped me to dress better. Keep up the great work!

  5. Lately I hear people saying that boat shoes are not stylish, and they recommend loafer or other similar type shoe, but in my eye they look pretty much the same. What am I missing?

  6. I am still not sold with those white sneakers. Hate them.There' s always better choices than those.


    Which brand are the last ones (oxford/ derby) ??

  8. Jacob Maldonado

    What kind is the pair of white sneakers

  9. Bunmi Adefisayo

    I've been wondering how you get those awesome folds on your jeans. I think I'll buy a size or two longer than I usually buy so I can fold them that nicely

  10. Mikolaj Ochocki

    Jose the type of zuniga without any zuniga posts on this video

  11. You know your persuasive when you convince me to convince other people to buy these shoes.

  12. Why dose everyone hate the Chelsea Boot? I LOVE it

  13. y u just got tailored ur pants rolled up in such a way pant looks horrible

  14. Leg-spiner Rahber

    Can someone tell which is the largest and best online shopping center or page ?

  15. Those boots aint SLP tho thats for sure

  16. Dude I've been binge watching this for the past couple of days

  17. Super Darkness

    2:11 When you wear Chelsea boots with jeans. You have show off the entire boot, not just half of it 🙂
    But good video man!! I liked it!

  18. Gabriel Waggoner

    What do you think about sperrys?

  19. Maverick Gyamfi

    2:50 white sneaks

  20. NWO Documentary CHANNEL

    Thank God I don't see any Jordans or fugly horrible crocs in this video.

  21. Scoobert Doobert

    whag brand are the white sneakers?

  22. Alexander Roberts

    you'd think a fashion blogger would know you always tuck your bow in the outer side off your dress shoes

  23. Ankit Sachdeva

    I like how a fashion youtuber isnt wearing selvedge denim, its just better and like 20$ more expensive

  24. black oxfords, brown oxfords, hiking boots, running shoes, chuck taylors, a pair of flip flops aaaand…you're done!

  25. David Arevalo

    Can someone tell me what brand of wingtip shoes those are?

  26. You're lacing them wrong! they're sitting along the length, instead of perpendicular

  27. what is the difference between brogues and wingtips?
    Great video as always 😉

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