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  1. Kelvin Fernando

    At 3:16 he says supreme and what is the other brand?

  2. i always mix nikes with Jordan's.

  3. nah imma stay wit a white black or red solid color shirt

  4. rule number 3 kinda lame tho cause even if there competing sometimes they can go really good together

  5. Ah LOOK; a couple of Metrosexuals, with extra feminine characteristics.

  6. Junior Sanchez

    Dumb asf whats wrong with a plain white tee?

  7. Rule 1 : Have money, A lot

  8. The omly rule tht makes sense is number 1 everything else is just retarded

  9. I had a pink bape shark hoodie with adidas pants and shoes ;))

  10. But supreme did a collab with bape

  11. Fuck that, you can't tell me what not to do

  12. Some one send this to DJ ak

  13. Alphonse Elric

    People who judge people on your feet obviously have a foot fetish

  14. what kind of pants would you recommend for black and white adidas nmd r1’s?

  15. Just Wear What Makes You Happy

  16. lame ass shirt you got there

  17. wait I thought this video is about how to protect and maintain your sneakers like what substance will easily stain them

  18. 6:28 There is nothing to save you from the disgrace of wearing that.

  19. When these guys play GTA they spend half of their time in the closet changing outfits.

  20. Rule number one:
    Never combine your sneakers with other sports wear- unless you are actually playing sports.

  21. 1:44 those aren't even sneakers bro like wtf. btw, I'd suggest baggy pants with those.

  22. Tapered is the way to go, space for my dick and I can see my feet

  23. I think like a white Nike tshirt with the off white 1s would actually look good

  24. Who listens to these fags ?

  25. I have a question, If anyone else knows please answer. How do u guys wash the ace 16 purecontrol tango ultra boost? Color: white

  26. Here i pay 20 to a sneaker max

  27. Tyler Williams

    Could def wear yeezys with Nike all day

  28. #3 I see that allot in the school I go to like mine friend he has some huaraches and adidas pans I am like bro the fuch

  29. Who has noticed that the poorest people have the most expensive shoes?

  30. ElDavid iS BACK

    Hahahaha rules

  31. RileyPlaysX Fischer

    1:53 I have those shoes on the bottom Left corner

  32. lmao 5:14 the dude puts a 2 up when it’s rule 4

  33. Reebok and Puma? Are they competing

  34. do you guys not consider converse and vans as sneakers?


    What can I wear with the yeezy beluga 2.0?

  36. Youre wrong. Youre just wrong

  37. Apparently one of them is black

  38. I think foams are ugly. Kill me

  39. #3 Off-White + Nike

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