5 Sneaker Trends EVERY Guy Should Know | 2019 Alex Costa

5 Sneaker Trends EVERY Guy Should Know | 2019 Alex Costa

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  1. Which of these sneakers are you going to be rocking this season? Check out some of my sneaker collection here: instagram.com/alexcosta
    Have an amazing day! -Alex

  2. 2019 white sneakers video hype

  3. Jackson O’Brien

    Adidas Stan Smith’s are the best white shoes as of now

  4. Insanity On A Bun

    My go-to classics:

    1.) All White Stan Smith
    2.) Black/White Vans Old Skool

  5. Insanity On A Bun

    I can’t get behind pumped ups but I’m cool with most others

  6. I’m getting the converse comme des garçon

  7. My favorite:
    1. Puma Suede
    2. Adidas Stan Smith
    3. Nike Air Force 1

  8. I like to assume that classics like the Adidas Stan Smith's, Adidas Superstar, and the Puma Suedes are HIGHLY trending still. Another recommendation for those guys who are wondering for other brands. Oh! For chunky dad shoes, the Reebok Classic Leathers, those are pretty dope too.

  9. Thoughts on Axel Arigato's Dunk Sneakers with the seagull print? They also have dad sneakers, quite a lot.

  10. Adidas NMD

  11. What brand are the sneakers in the very beginning of the video of you sitting on the bench wearing chinos

  12. Give shoutout to Common Projects for reviving the minimalist white sneakers and being the source of inspiration for so many designer brands!

  13. Cole Haan and Tod's make some great white sneakers.
    They look good for smart casual.
    Too underrated and deserves more attention!

  14. The vans old skool true white definetly have to be on your video for best white sneakers to wear in 2019

  15. Astronomical Curiosity

    Hey Alex, you have knowledge about this subject, and that's great! I've been watching different channels about men's wardrobe and style.I am not insulting you,
    you should get in touch with these famous people such as Aaron Marino (AlphaM), RMRS…etc. So that, you could grow more and improve your career.
    Goodluck! Thanks for the tips.

  16. Hey Alex, I bought a pair of white shoes from Adidas from their advantage clean line. I personally believe they are extremely well made (for a mass-producing company) and have a variety of colours. Bonus – they are cheaper than stan smiths – well, at least here in the UK.

  17. Do you wear socks with socks sneakers or bear foot?

  18. Men i think nike don't have a good disain of thire sneakers
    The best is Adiddas i looove it

  19. My favorite sock sneaker are all black nike huaraches or nmd’s. Both are under $100 and I can feel my clutch in my wrx so it’s a win win for me

  20. Nike air force 1 low cut is the best summer sneaker imo

  21. Those Nike M2K Tekno are not that bad compared to Monarchs or other dad kicks

  22. I think Stan Smiths look the cleanest but I don't own them yet.

  23. Antonio Kokorovsky

    @AlexCosta you need to check out the "Low 1" by Oliver Cabell is the best white sneaker. I'm looking to get the same design in all black

  24. air force ones

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