5 Sneakers That Go With EVERYTHING In Your Closet

5 Sneakers That Go With EVERYTHING In Your Closet

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  1. Will Nike air force one look good if i have skinny legs 🙁 i need a white sneaker and everybody says that airforce 1 goes with everything (i also want to wear it with shorts but im scared if make my legs look skinnier )

  2. Dude you need to seriously stop copying AlphaM's style of video making!

  3. Your every sneakers are white except vans old skool

  4. literally half of the video is advertisement.

  5. Can someone buy me some AF1 just reply here if ur intersted

  6. dDAVID Östlund

    can you please link, your jeans jacket?

  7. Valmik DEBOOR [11Y2]

    Hi Jose, I bought black Iniki Boost about a year ago from Adidas. I know Boost is kinda dying but I think they're really versatile sneakers that look really nice and fit extremely well. What do you think?

  8. Love the blush pink sneakers, been wanting some like these for a while!

  9. The light makes your hair look blue

  10. do not buy mvmt watches, anyone who knows anything about watches know that they are complete trash. They are not worth the money.

  11. suhayb aadam cismaan

    Ithough you are indi

  12. Half of the vid is a ad

  13. My favorite shoe is the Reebok classic white/gum and black/gum good with joggers and jeans

  14. Security Expert,Cctv Kenya

    airforce yea now that's a classic a very good shoe buh mmmmh rocking them with a suit is a no no

  15. Where can I find an affordable pair of all white white leather sneakers?

  16. Am i the only one who thought that Jose's energy is different in this video ? He seems not as exciting as he used to be . Anyone ?

  17. The watch is trash, Please stop promoting it. You’re ruining the watch game for the younger generation

  18. Replace new balance with ultra boosts and it will be a good top 5

  19. 1:53 goteem

  20. Fashion nova 2019

  21. Yo fr tho this dude is smart asf

  22. Yo jose your relationship vdos helped me real good

  23. Jose, can you make a vid on how to style dad shoes or the best dad shoes that look stylish…waiting for that.

  24. Where did you get that jacket

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