5 types of shoes for men

5 types of shoes for men

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  1. you definitely know how to dress

  2. I have the Converse Chuck Taylor 2 High Top – Black, Nike Roshe One – Grey, and Vans Authentic – All Black
    Any suggestions for new sneakers?

  3. Purnendu Sabar

    i too want to have black and white sneakers which brand I should chose. please suggest

  4. Oviya Moorthy

    lol I have no idea why I watched this video but still, good video man.

  5. Rogith Shankrish


  6. suresh prince

    NYC video bro…

  7. Yo Shankhy,
    Your videos are awesome bro…
    I am BI Consultant and the girl i am going to marry, she is a Graphics designer. I wanna give her gift with Graphics designing related. Would you please suggest me some options???

  8. What about a red tape boots. Especially for the riders

  9. I have a question- how do you know when you have too many shoes

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  11. black dress shoes, brown dress shoes, boots, sneakers, and vans

  12. You should keep doing style videos!!

  13. Unlimited Progress

    You need way more views. YOu are super stylish.. and know what you're doing. I'm very critical of these style videos on youtube .. alot of things some men say I feel are off.. But you, my friend, got STYLE… you really got it!

  14. Thảo Vương

    I like website:


    nice & mahesh music series

  16. i like Heavy Duty/woodland shoes

  17. shashank Negi


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