6 Biggest Sneaker Mistakes Men Make/Worst Sneaker Mistakes

6 Biggest Sneaker Mistakes Men Make/Worst Sneaker Mistakes

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  1. Brandon Flores

    Are you trolling us or are you for real??? Bc its hilarious

  2. Kingdom Athlete

    Salute my brotha, drop that knowledge

  3. Air Jordan especially high tops should only be worn by teenagers mr style !! Nothing cool about those

  4. Salute

  5. Mandeep Baweja

    Jeff please reply should i invest in a Black Leather Jacket??? I love it's looks but is it worth it?

    Also what style do u recommend if its my first leather jacket??

  6. Another solid vid Jeff, salute! Never been much of a sneaker guy but am slowly being converted by you. How about a vid suggestion on denim jackets? I’m in my early 40s, like denim jackets & feel like I should have one in the ‘drobe but these feel like treacherous waters, especially with the looming spectre of trying to pull off double denim amongst the looks. At my age…:-)

  7. He said stylin and profiling,Wooooooo

  8. I still like how you take the effort to actually show your own outfits as examples. A lot of YouTubers just monologue and cut a random google image pic of a model in. You actually give us real examples in motion!

  9. Arpit Singh RAJPOOT

    Did you made a video on how to wear Adidas superstar?

  10. You lost weight OG, looking good …

  11. Daniel Brennan

    OG, youre looking way more comfortable when you talk in your videos then when you started, effort noticed and Props Bigman! Keep up the good work.

  12. Frank Lester Delos Reyes

    I love this channel. Finally lost 60 lbs of weight. I can finally rock some of your outfits Jeff. They all look fire

  13. Jimmy Edmonds, Jr

    Great content and advice as always.

  14. The Style O.G. Can I get a salute from a Navy vet!!

  15. Great video! I can't stress enough how I hate the "same shoe guy"! As a PE teacher I have a healthy selection but I also wear them down quickly. Glad you stressed the need to replace them when worn out.

  16. Christopher Odo

    Love ur videos man
    I've been making those mistakes my whole life lol
    Can't wait for ur next video

  17. The O.G. is right, keep those sneakers clean! Great tips O.G. I salute you!

  18. Love that jacket!!!!

  19. Good advice OG

  20. I used to be more of a sneaker guy but it seems that most of the fashion gurus are against sneakers except in the gym or exercising. Your video shows that you can incorporate sneakers and still look fashionable. Good job and I'm going to start wearing my sneakers more

  21. Imo, the “Yeezy” untied laces with the wrong shoes. They only work with a one-piece upper or with vamps that flap open when untied (like Roshes).

  22. And to my returning friends like Rex Maverick salute!

  23. Luka Delariviere

    Underrated af

  24. thestylishgrownman

    Great vid! The advice on back pain caused by worn sneakers was eye-opening!

  25. The 2nd to last point. RIP my white slip on vans

  26. Women notice shoes almost immediately! It just goes to show you how obsessed they really are with them. Excellent video! Thanks. ✌

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