6 Sneakers Every Man Needs/Types Of Sneakers Men Need

6 Sneakers Every Man Needs/Types Of Sneakers Men Need

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  1. Basketball sneakers?? Are you for real??

  2. Great Video O.G!! I love the advice on the sneakers I'm working on my sneaker collection just did an unboxing of the Tretorn Hyliteplus and they are HOT!! My lady love them and I had a few people ask where I got them from. Salute O.G keep them coming.

  3. David Aguilar

    Air Force one

  4. Where did u get that shirt?

  5. Where are the white sneaks from?


    Congratulations Jeffrey we hit 50k

  7. Jeffrey Cockerl

    Great info Sir! Always enjoy the style advice, Love the Shirt!

  8. Aaron Arguelles

    My man with the dope camp shirt. I love your stuff and I always steal your style man. Appreciate ya.

  9. Chipped Thoughts

    I’m going to have to add a few of those to my shoe collecting.

  10. Savvy Life Strategies

    Great advice, Jeff. You are among the few fashion channels to talk about the all black sneakers. I like both black and white as fashion choices.

  11. I love your shirt!!……..Wow awesome!!

  12. Alexis Valdovinos


  13. Sean Mcmillan

    Nice long sleeve polo .

  14. on point

  15. Bertram McCray

    Great topic brother. Keep the videos coming.

  16. Healthyliving77

    Converse weapons 86. You should make a video on how to style black leather chelseas.

  17. I love all white sneakers! I use Jason Markk's Repel on all my shoes and they usually stay clean, including the all white…

  18. My picks: white Stan smiths, black Reebok classics, neutral color Nike fly knit, any color Nike Zoom, Nike Metcon for working out, and Adidas matchcourt slip ons.

  19. alex thelizardking

    Cool video.

  20. Lawson Concha

    Wow, that shirt is great. The white collar sets it off!

  21. Yo you forgot the Stan Smiths

  22. Anthony Johnson

    Love today's shirt by the way. I'm usually not a camouflage style wearing kinda guy…(and I'm an Army Vet)…but that shirt rocks!

  23. Anthony Johnson

    I own a few sneakers. Van's has a nice light colored suede slip on that looks great. But THEE sneaker that actually gets me compliments and great looks from women are my Granite All White Stan Smith's with tapered jeans, dark wash jeans, tapered navy chino's…and so on. The Granite Stan Smith's have a little gold lettering on them and a pop of gray color in the back. I thought an Adidas white Samba Gum Sole sneaker would look good on me…but for some reason the gum sole split the profile of the shoe in such a way that it hurt the look (on me). Looked great on Jose Zuniga….but didn't look as good on me. But the all white sneaker…damn…I was born to wear them….and I'm in my 50's. I know they take work to keep clean…but I don't care, it's worth it. I wear black Adidas Superstars to the gym. Thanks.

  24. I hate non leather sneakers, ı like real leather all shoes

  25. WeWantLeisure

    I love my Jordan 1s too

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