7 Shoes Every Girl Must Have – POPxo

7 Shoes Every Girl Must Have – POPxo

- in Women Sneakers


  1. what 1st shoe called?

  2. i have sneekers

  3. cherry is looking sensational

  4. Snigdha Das Gupta

    komal's legs are smaller than her shoes

  5. beautiful

  6. Aasthika Timilsina

    I have all

  7. wt is the first shoe called

  8. I lovedddd the comfy flatforms…and i will tollaly buy it

  9. I have all the footwears accept the first one

  10. I didn't like the third one.

  11. Shubhangi Narkar

    cherry looks so cute but komal repeats her hair style again and again

  12. sorry whats

  13. ways the first one


    love you komal
    remember i am a girl

  15. Please check my channel if you like Popxo

  16. komal k sary shoes us ko bhare hn

  17. popxo your editing is on fleek. great video.

  18. Sivakumar Sivakumar

    komal shoes only nice other not nice

  19. komal all shoes are so big

  20. shoes are large in size for komal….

  21. useless video

  22. ek dham gatiya

  23. Komal's shoes are better than cherry's……….hit like if you agree

  24. hey popxo u haven't uploaded the video for how to remove mosquito bite scars
    my feet r fully loaded with scars
    I need clean feet for wearing shoes
    so plzzz

  25. Aashlesha Misal

    where caan i get these?

  26. I liked only 5 6 and 7

  27. The trendy mules is soo odd I think

  28. those shoes were bigger thn the komal's foot

  29. I loved the komals pump shoes

  30. I fucking hate Cherry..Her shoes are big like elephant feets her shoes are the ugliest shoes

  31. I have clasic pums in brown colour

  32. the only one I liked and cared about were sneakers

  33. the 1st one sucks for me

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