8 SNEAKER TRENDS for Fall/Winter 2018-2019 | Good, Bad & Ugly

8 SNEAKER TRENDS for Fall/Winter 2018-2019 | Good, Bad & Ugly

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  1. I'm from India i will support you … Nice channel

  2. All these shoes you chose is trash looking..

  3. Great video! Keep it up! IMO what I consider to be somewhat ugly/dad shoes are the air Jordan’s. They tend to look chunky. On the other hand, they are timeless piece of history. I sold some of my Js and gave some to kids. I just think it’s juvenile looking for older men like myself but I’m still holding on to couple pairs of Js for my street vibe look. Pls advice if you can?

    Your fashion blind subscriber. God bless.

  4. Congratulations on that 2k. It’s gonna be 5k sooner than you think and then onto space numbers.

  5. Thanks for the well researched information. You always do your homework.

  6. Where did you get that Henley shirt you are wearing?

  7. Thanks for all those examples. I think you nailed it with a lot of these trends. As hideous as those ugly sneakers are, i'm glad you included them. And I didn't realize those back to the future shoes became a reality, kinda cool! though slightly unnecessary. Keep up the great content Koi!

  8. Rojoification R

    sweat pants and denim is the only time one should wear sneakers- I don't think they EVER look good when you dress up and wear sneakers. Also, Chunky sneakers look they belong in outer space- yes, outer space- As far from earth as you can get!!!

    I'd like to see someone dressed up in a nice suit and rock those Heely shoes with those wheels on the bottom- that would be good stuff to watch some guy rolling down the sidewalk after coming out of his business meeting in his business suit

  9. Perfect unbiased breakdown of each category of sneaker. Great examples all!

  10. Great content my man!!

  11. The ugliest shoes ever!!

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