9-Year-Old Fan Designs Steph Curry's New Sneakers for Girls

9-Year-Old Fan Designs Steph Curry's New Sneakers for Girls

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  1. Thats so nice of him like he did not have to do anything yet he went out of his way to RESPECT.

  2. Wait where is the international boys day at. I thought men and women wanted equality and doesn’t that mean being praised the same????

  3. I read this at school

  4. These sneakers looking hella gross

  5. I designed some flyers stadium series curry 6's I hope I make the news too!

  6. This is amazing!!!

  7. Omg steph he a basketball villain but a life hero

  8. Why couldn't she wear the boys ones.

  9. Detroit Rockin ReG

    How come big money TRUMP don't give back to the community???? I never seen TRUMP give money to the poor or give free houses away or anything??? Kingpin drug dealers gives away money houses cars and help the poor kinda funny right

  10. Why she want curry 5s why not 4s

  11. He’s nicer to white kids than black kids . I remember he ignored a little black kid before

  12. Just change color of shoes

  13. When is international men’s day?

  14. They look ugly

  15. DIY its Michelle

    Yay now I can go buy some

  16. So cool


  18. Let's Get This Canned Bread

    That's probably why they look like a damn Scooby-Doo fruit snack…

  19. The Murisan's Family Vlogs

    Love those shoes for my zoey she does need new sneakers too and she does love basketball

  20. National womens month translate: "Get back in the kitchen month"

  21. Blēśív Fåm

    You can wear the boy shoes I'm a girl and idc

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