A “Sneak Peek” Inside Game’s Sneaker Closets

A “Sneak Peek” Inside Game’s Sneaker Closets


  1. 2 DMPs… damn pimpin

  2. Wich size game use they Looking awsome big

  3. Respect GAME € FROM ROMANIA

  4. Valentina bullet in yo ass Shevchenko

    Game got some nice fooking shoes indeed believe u me!!


    Game let a broke Mexican get a pair

  6. The game looks like a chirujo!

  7. He’s wearing Adidas with Nike shoes

  8. Ok man – up man – a man – yo man
    People stay n school

  9. mista dont play

    He wanna disclose the reason but made a video with gang signs smh

  10. I gotta give him props he got kobe shoes 81 points damn

  11. I'm with you game Concords are my favorite Jordans ever and favorite shoe ever. I wish I had a pair still to this day,.

  12. He so corny

  13. Three homes in one city is rather dumb

  14. jacob kyriakidis

    Had to stop watching because your camera man doesn't know how to keep a shot in focus.

  15. justinbeiberisafag10

    Game rocking the he got game 13s

  16. Stop Saying man

  17. Shot out game that is a nice collection not trying to impress everybody wit yeezy just real shit concords my #1 also

  18. Game got his crib looking like an indoor swap meet…

  19. oaxacamen entertainment

    He said red is his favorite color because he is a blood and didn't wanna say it

  20. oaxacamen entertainment

    Air Jordan son of mars are also good to

  21. oaxacamen entertainment

    I always wore air force 1 till I hit 20 yr old

  22. oaxacamen entertainment

    And when he was about to open his closet I saw someone behind

  23. oaxacamen entertainment

    That's right air forces

  24. I actually prefer the jordan 3s over the 5s. The 3s are more neater.

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