A “Sneak Peek” Inside The Perfect Pair’s Shoe Room Part 1

A “Sneak Peek” Inside The Perfect Pair’s Shoe Room Part 1

Kenny G., better known as The Perfect Pair on Instagram, simply owns one of the best sneaker collections we’ve ever seen. If you want samples, he has them. What about some of the rarest shoes to ever release? He has those too. From 44 different Air Jordan 4s to the entire Nike McFly collection, check out Part 1 of The Perfect Pair’s amazing stash in Highland, California.


  1. just shoes

  2. Who is this fat fuck

  3. Jesse Alexander

    Is there a hall of fame for sneaker heads? This man is the Godfather.

  4. He says everything twice

  5. this dude gets a lot of crap on him but hes by far the realest dude out there, I don't understand why people are salty just cause he has exsculsive shoes, good for him its not like hes a cocky asshole and brags about his money like other people.

  6. Definitely agree. that penny 1 is the dopest in that pack and the best penny silhouette

  7. wait….he had the 2015 hyperdunks in 2013 lol

  8. Adbosslife DB

    what do you do with all those shoes, to much to wear them all

  9. 3 M's Michael Jordan Michael Jackson and ***Muhammad Ali

  10. at first he said kenny g, I thought the one whose played saxophone

  11. This dude is a professional about his. The most interesting vid on sneakers I've ever seen & spoken with such passion. I want to know the story about his brother. Something about how he speaks about his brother makes me feel like something tragic happened to him.

  12. Young2kballers

    Why does he have Gucci tattoos just took that in and I watched this like when it dropped

  13. PhoenixSavageboi 1087

    "My favorite basketball player is Michel Jordan"
    *wears cavaliers jersey

  14. tayvaun miller

    those q54 7s at 5:21 are beautiful I don't care how much they cost I would wear them

  15. Z. Ax. Z. Z z

  16. But… whats his line of work thooo?

  17. Dominic Silva

    Perfect pair is a San Bernardino local and has a home in Highland I guess you do learn something new everyday.

  18. this is amzing

  19. I don't own a lot of sneakers but i'm glad that Perfect Pair does, he brings class to the culture of shoe collecting,
    thanks for the inspiration Kenny.

  20. I'm going there to shop fuck foot locker and everything else

  21. imagine if his house burned down

  22. Would i respect jumpman bostic more than this guy…… but idk he seems more cool.

  23. Nike and Jordan over adidas every day

  24. seneca stevens

    Hell yeah 'Bout time someone gives the penny one love..hands down the best signature Penny out of all of them!

  25. seneca stevens

    Awesome story..I was in fourth grade drawing pictures of tech (cement) grey 4 which started my sneaker love! Great vid man!

  26. Nathan Shafir

    how his bro die

  27. Undefeated 4s damn expensive asf

  28. Evalene Jacob

    do eminem

  29. john anneheim

    Wait … this dude is a sneaker head I thought he was a bed head BRUH he got like 9000 beds connected BRUH

  30. Bxndzup _Matt

    I'd only take every pair of 11s and 12s

  31. he has to be a millionare ?

  32. Cheap Chinese made pumps?

  33. when is the next season comin out

  34. such a humble man (Kenny G)


    Bless this mans heart he seems like and amazing guy that knows his shoes and loved his brother!

  36. Patrick Kelly

    you don't take your shoes with you when you die, fatty!!!

  37. "This shoe was balled in, as you can see, no stress" What kind of baller are you? You don't look like you could even move around enough to stress those kicks, that being said you probably balled for MAYBE 20 minutes max considering your weight. "Balled In", yea okay big fella.

  38. Adrian Martinez

    unc 4s DAMMMN

  39. Bruh this nigga bragging n shit but he owns a casino and rips dudes off. How he gets his money. Fat ass nigga

  40. Vincent Simmons

    I have those quai 54 5s

  41. What's the beat at the end from?

  42. How did his brother die

  43. That Was Sick

    Rest in peace "The Perfect Pairs" brother???

  44. Sandro Arteaga

    DAMN fucking sexy

  45. Jamie Ferrell

    perfect pair i really enjoy looking at your collection.. ive seen all the episodes you put up and i gta say.. your inspiring.. i hope to have a collection at least close to your one day.. please post new episodes.. they're much needed

  46. 2 feet 1000 shoes

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