Alexis Customizes Sneakers

Alexis Customizes Sneakers

- in Women Sneakers


  1. Isabella Hinojosa

    Glitter was more pretyy

  2. unicorndreamer kylie

    Pink shoes

  3. my favorate one was the gems on the shose

  4. Davida D'zurilla

    They were all the best and cutest in the world

  5. 7supergirls aren’t getting lots of views anymore

  6. Liam and illy's vlogs


  7. I like the fist one

  8. My favorite shoe is the glitter one

  9. all of them

  10. The Glitter one

  11. I really like the shoes that you made

  12. I love the glitter shoes Alexis

  13. I liked the first ones and happy birthday Alexis

  14. Arianne's Vlog

    can i have a shout out

  15. Mine favourite was the glitter shoes

  16. HEY ALEXIS! Please ask either you or teddie to make a slime tutorial!!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

  17. They are all very cool my favourite wear pear shoes they look amazing love those

  18. happy birthday alexis

  19. Hey Itz Sandy!

    I liked the first pair of shoes u made but the second pair was also good

  20. BestFriendShow

    I think the colorful one is the best it's so cute and I think it will match all outfits

  21. my favourite ones were the glitter ones.

  22. aw the shoes are so cute I love both but the pink glitter shoes is amazing

  23. Happy birthday Alexis

  24. HI Alexis sorry to bother you again but I just wanted to say,
    Thank you for being someone to look up to. Because for a long time I tried to get a possible shout out but, It seemed as if this whole channel
    was aginst me. So, I decided to give up. Well I hope YOU have a great life

  25. Ellie Does Life totally

  26. eugene queniahan


  27. Alexis on the SAK's channels must be the leading cast member of it. She's the chief or queen of all the SAK's channels.

  28. dokotas playhous e

    The glittery pink ones were my favorite

  29. Oh hello excuse me random person hope you have a great day happy Tuesday ❤️

  30. Jessica Vanluyk

    I really like the second pair of sneakers!!!!

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