American Girl WellieWishers Shoes

American Girl WellieWishers Shoes

- in Women Sneakers


  1. Mimi and Hannah AG

    Yay in early

  2. world of dolls studios

    I love Kendall.

  3. I love ur vids i want to make my own channel ❤u soooo much carry on what u do

  4. Stephany's AG Dolls

    You should get #68 the truly me doll

    Edit: she is an amazing and beautiful doll

  5. Abigail's amazing World

    Why are you buying there shoes if they don’t even fit you

  6. Where's the Ashlen wellie wisher

  7. Will you plz sub to me and also what do u want for christmas

  8. lindsay American girl Nelson

    I just love the shoes Chloe you make the best video ever

  9. Vickie's baking and crafts

    5he patch shoe is my favorite

  10. Llegué a los 565 vistas yeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  11. Princess Mikael

    Please like my comment i will subscribe to your channel

  12. Princess Mikael

    You have the same amount of dolls like me

  13. I have the Wellie wishes It is the one with bands Congrats chole

  14. chole i am your biggest fan and you
    have to check out my channel because it is really good .#biggest

  15. Jeannine Koeneke

    #earlysquad where are you

  16. Jeannine Koeneke

    Cloe u so pretty

  17. courtney2020ableagdolls channel

    Love your videos

  18. Early!

  19. 31st like love your channel

  20. Cut, Fold, Finish

    Cool shoes

  21. Hi! I love your videos chloe!

  22. Stacy chanel Sison


  23. Unicornsare Real

    Hi I love your videos

  24. Super cute shoes Chloe. I like the lavender slip ons the best with the patches. Today's my bday and I'm hoping to get a new AG doll.

  25. Love ❤️ your channel

  26. Can you please subscribe to me I’m trying to get 20 subscribeers

  27. hi chloe

  28. First

  29. OMG I have never been this early you are the best. You don't care what any body says that inspires many people thank you

  30. Aww those r soo cute I love the welliwishers cause they're like the little version of AG

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