Australia’s Michael Fan Shows Off One of the Most Insane Sneaker Collections Ever Seen | iCollect

Australia’s Michael Fan Shows Off One of the Most Insane Sneaker Collections Ever Seen | iCollect


  1. Where this guy get his cash from? Sheeezzzz…

  2. Straight banger!!! Coiski dropping the heat as always!

  3. What was he saying about people not knowing about jordan 1s on each foot??

  4. Insane collection

  5. Back to the day lol homie got heat

  6. It had to be a Asian lol He is not even Australian man

  7. I thought Jordan only signs the right shoe? The Carmines are signed on the left?

  8. Kickdicted 88

    Most impressive collection I've seen in awhile!!! Some dudes got hundreds and hundreds of pairs and cant even touch this man's shoe game, he buys what he likes and appreciates the culture. Salute!

  9. Bleu Da Vinci

    He says yeah I collect general releases too & busts out hella fire haha

  10. Great post fellas. Good to see some Australians repping.

  11. jesus christ, not only heat, but in the most asian fashion.

    organized as fuk, and he's an encyclopedia.

    one of the greatest collectors!!!

  12. King Jordanii


    (except some of the 11s)

  13. Mathew Andrist

    Sole swapping og shit for 85 is so dumb

  14. Perfect name for a Fan of MJ.

  15. Great collection

  16. It's amazing that a guy in Australia has such an incredible collection and seriously knows his stuff!

  17. What's his IG

  18. Some say he has a birthmark in the shape of the jumpman logo on his right asscheek

  19. Super refreshing to see a personal collection that isn't just made up of hyped recent general releases!! AKA Every rapper and Youtuber out there!
    Thank you for showing us your collection, Michael!!

  20. Australian? More like China lol probs just move to australia recently

  21. My man is suuuuppper ocd! I love it tho. Nothing like organization

  22. Sorry perfect pair this guy has a better collection

  23. How much all those sneakers?

  24. Fanta Jely NimsKorms

    Hi mr fan. Can u please help me by showing me how to get ur show shelf? Am from canberra Australia.

  25. Markon Andrew Galvez

    damn thats an ugly ass Chinese with all that Jordan worn shoes.


    Illest collection , Dude seems pretty cool too

  27. Dustin Tuazon

    Doope collection!! True sneaker head. Respect

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