- in Women Sneakers


  1. Beliver Fan Belive

    I got Adidas for school and converse

  2. Beliver Fan Belive

    Am 6 in a half and 7 in a half

  3. I'm only a size 13 in children and I'm 11

  4. Georgina Gaming

    The whole video is at the shoe shop who agrees if u do like and comment

  5. YoungSavage Dee

    At least get them some Nike's or jordans.

  6. I am a size 2 and I am older then Gracelynn

  7. #Geminibaby Power

    I'm 10 and I'm a size 6

  8. I'm 11 im size 8 in women's for sneakers and my regular size is 7

  9. I'm in 8th grade and we have pe everyday

  10. Finn Does games

    I'm a size 8 or 8and a half and I'm 11

  11. I'm 8 and I am a size 4 my aunt is a size 3

  12. Geattt

  13. Michaela Heinemann

    PE- pointless exercise

  14. I am eleven my foot is like eight

  15. Live Forever Life

    I'm size 5 in women's and size three in kids and I'm just 9

  16. am i the only one here that doesnt like any of those shoes besides the converses?

  17. M feet aren't gonna grow anymore but I'm 12 and I can be between size 5-7 yeah ik I have big feet 🙁

  18. I'm 10 and I'm a size 8

  19. THE kawaii potato

    I'm 10 and I'm size 6

  20. Me and my friend call it gym

  21. Elaina Williams

    did u shop at payless shoes at the roseville mall

  22. I'm 11 and I can fit my sister shoes 13-2 in kids


  24. Alejandro Ramos

    What shoe size is the whole family?

  25. I am size 2 , 13 years old, and going to 8th grade

  26. Sisters Forever

    I'm a women's size 7 and I'm 10 years old

  27. Where r they shopping at plz don't hate i just asking

  28. I am only nine and I wear a women size 7

  29. I'm 12 and I'm a women's 9 to 10 wow wil I ever stop growing

  30. Princess Carrigan

    chantal byles im 10 with a size 3/5 bruh

  31. Boubacar708 Gameplay


  32. I hate to see all theses converse man lol I love converse I only have the black and white and I have superstars
    And vans

  33. Gymnast Rhiannax

    I'm 10 and size 2/2 1/2 like hello I'm coming 11 I need to grow!love you guys so so much your amazing and so inspirational!❤️

  34. The Buchanan Family

    those cowboy boots were so cute!! 😀

  35. I grace adopted

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