Bella Hadid Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Bella Hadid Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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  1. She's the suburban white girl version of Chuckie from the movie Fresh…. 'yo, these kicks are stupid, dope, fresh'

  2. That Farrah faucet photo looked nothing like that

  3. 1:51 you're welcome

  4. So Joe is gonna………..Get it

  5. Is she an undercover cop? I feel as if Echosmith – Cool Kids should just be blaring in the background throughout the entire video. She definitely doesn't actually talk like this on a day to day basis right?

  6. my new single and don’t for get to hit the subscribe

  7. 6:41 She hit us with that Ragnar Lothbrok expression

  8. H O M E B O Y

  9. Is it me or is the dyke one ugly fucking whore bitch, born into wealth but my hairy arse Aruba better than this freakazoid.

    Had she been an everyday girl with no money, she would working the streets

  10. Bella the type of girl to talk like she from the hood when she see sneakers.

  11. I love her. Idk if she’s being for real here but it’s fucking hilarious

  12. dope dope dope fresh dopest

  13. She acts getto

  14. I really hate this

  15. Yall now she will get it from joe after this

  16. You should have either lil pump or Cardi B


    Her outfit is fucking terrible

  18. she's so freakin cute

  19. Why is she trying to talk "cool"

  20. I hate her jeans

  21. I don't think she choose the outfit.

    You can see she thinks what she's saying is stupid too. I believe her manager or the people doing this commercial told her (for whatever reason- probably involving someone who sniffed a few too many sharpies) to do/wear this.

  22. Bella hadid is my homeboy

  23. I thought she was just gonna mouth her words and use hand gestures wtf!

  24. Thomas McCormick

    She’s talking like a shitty undercover cop

  25. 2:03 Did she just say Nik-eeh

  26. well this was one of the most awkward/ cringeworthy things to watch

  27. Her voice is deep

  28. theeese

  29. all these comments..shes super dope and i don't think she's pretending.. pretty girls can be awkward

  30. in real life she wears the puma

  31. when she creased the off white virgls i died

  32. So if someone has Air Jordan’s they can “get it”? That’s a pretty low bar.

  33. prettycute andexpensive

    so she ugly and dumb….

  34. NO…JUST FUCKING NO!!! They steal everything. UGH!!!

  35. ylangylang ylangyalng

    She looks like Jennifer Lawrence

  36. Am I the only one who doesent think this is awkward

  37. Wow she sounds like her sister

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