BEST 2019 SNEAKERS ☆ nikes, vans, filas, adidas + more!

BEST 2019 SNEAKERS ☆ nikes, vans, filas, adidas + more!


  1. Sana all

  2. I just got the Nike Air Force 1 Uptown Jester High XX in black with a red rose on the back and they are super comfortable and are slightly more platformed than the normal AF1s. I really recommend them cos they’re so unique and I got them from the Orlando International Premium Outlets in Florida in the Nike outlet. I’ll link a pic of them here:

  3. Literally my sneaker collection:
    – Blue 8 dollar old vans from the op shop (thrift store)
    … literally thats it

  4. Daauwe Van huizen

    My shoes
    Nike M2K Tekno all white
    Comme des Garcons Converse low black
    Puma thunder spectra “drizzle”
    Yellow low vans
    Air Jordan Spizikes (never wear them i dont like them)
    Random brown leather chelsea boots

  5. my sneaker collection (don't @ me)

    – air force 1s
    – nike air max 97
    – nike tn
    -nike vapormax
    – jordan 1s
    – air jordan 11s
    – vans slip ons
    – zara platforms
    – nike off white
    – converse

    so sadd i need wayyy more shoess

  6. Glenis goodchild

    Are Adidas super stars still popular are they classics?

  7. Marazil Kulhanjian

    Literally my life is nothing without sneakers <3

  8. Slime and Squishy factory

    You have to get cartoon design Air Force ones

  9. Alll the essentials…. such a cute video! ⭐️

  10. Fila pls

  11. I have:
    – 1 pair of purple Reeboks
    – 1pair if black Asics
    – 1 pair of red Nike's
    – 1 pair of pink vans
    – 1 pair of light blue vans

    Those are my sneakers lol
    But my other shoes I have are

    – 1 pair of under Armour flip flops
    – 1 pair of adidas black slides
    – 1 pair of Nike black slides
    – 1 pair of Random black flip flops lol
    – 1 pair of yellow crocs

  12. Albert Tea Page 1.0

    This called me poor in 50 different ways-

  13. i loved this video! maybe you can do a video to show us how you pair them with an outfit and how you style them! Shoes that i love are the nike huarachis or the adidas gazelle ones. Much love from Germany

  14. I have the kids 2 in uk shoes of Air Force 1s and got them for £40

  15. So……. as someone who squats and does a lot of lifting, I would say not to wear converse. Yes what you say is true about the need of heel support but if you want actual heel support for doing squats, over head lifts, dead lifts etc. Please buy a pair of heel support shoes if you are really into working out. They can be expensive but they are ideal for lower half work outs. (Ps don’t run in them because that’s not good for your feet)

  16. Authintic an lov ur style Ur a vibe lov u babe

  17. Emma’s YouTube fam

    Ik there more expensive but maybe Add in Jordan’s

  18. so jealous of this collection!!

  19. These videos are always so basic like- I'm dumbfounded…

  20. I only own two pair of sneakers, one pair is basically not wearable and one pair of boots I barely wear, since they make me tall, and I’m already pretty tall.

  21. You should try air max 720s

  22. Are the Nike Air Force 1s made of real leather or synthetic leather

  23. Elizabeth Devereaux

    Please tell us how you made your brick wall!

  24. Mackenzie Ziegler

    your shoes are pretty cool but I don’t like the tommy hilfigers :(:

  25. Tip. If you have a store like tj Maxx or marshalls you can buy shoes for a bit cheaper. A normally 65-75 dollar pair of shoes can be found for 35-40. Especially if they are a bit outdated (as sneakers go in and out so quick) also sign up for rewards for any shoe store you can find. Yeah sometimes they spam your inbox but sometimes you get really good deals 🙂

  26. Sophia Piperidou

    How do you curl your hair?

  27. How does she get them cheap

  28. Lol I just have a pair of vans from the kids section, and some fake birks

  29. Ahaha couldnt relate

  30. Damn Nike does some really nice shoes it’s a shame they r so unethical if they weren’t I would get some

  31. I'm a sneaker girl at heart but a broke girl in reality

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