Best Adidas Sample Collection in the World

Best Adidas Sample Collection in the World


  1. Butter Movement

    Thanks for everyone who came on live..   This is the video reposted for those who missed it…  Much love…  #ButterMovement

  2. So your spending all your money on sneakers for your friend… I think he might be using you.

  3. the sample collection is crazy damn so many samples didnt know they had that much

  4. holyshit. citysocks are amazing looking. How much are resell for those? Damn sick…blue with brown at the back. Shit..

  5. Hey butter can you give me a good place to purchase nmd samples

  6. Gabriel Merola

    how do you get samples

  7. Joseph San Juan

    white mountain EQT is melted butter

  8. Joseph San Juan

    future craft

  9. Joseph San Juan

    melted butter!!!

  10. Joseph San Juan


  11. Joseph San Juan


  12. Something Dank

    Where do they get all these fake samples from

  13. can't wait to grab my pair

  14. nmd are sooo dope

  15. are all the shoes real

  16. this is the bomb

  17. Id never pay anything close to what Jay from UN does 4 a sample, ive seen sooo many fake sample tagged sneakers n theres no way to prove they arent fake like a retail pair, u gotta trust ur zseller but for what u guys pay, it doesnt mmatter much if they were fake since u wouldnt be out 2k for 1 pair.

  18. Ahmad Shayuti Abdul Majid

    I need the futurecraft triple black !!!!So beautiful !!!!

  19. Vincent Nuñez


  20. Bang bang

  21. bang bang!!!!

  22. Viktor Stoikov


  23. best sneaker collection in the world

  24. Edrisa sanyang

    Bang bang

  25. Charlie Hassan

    My YouTube channel is charliehassan it is a Sneaker and detailed look channel pls subscribe

  26. Good stuff guys! #iamironbear

  27. Rikk Rokkz Kikkz

    I apologize for spamming. Collection is crazy.

  28. bang bang!

  29. Bang Bang, good video fam!

  30. I wonder where he gets all the samples lol for such low prices if they're legi

  31. Bang Bang


  33. Jannick Brandt


  34. Jannick Brandt


  35. Nathan Mauser

    I'll buy any size 13 nmd

  36. Marcius 2.9.1


  37. Yeah but Butter…… when you have a guy who will send you a bundle of samples compare to someone who does not have that guy. And runs into the sample as a solo sale. He will pay that premium over a $120 average No. I'm not saying yes to the markup. All I'm saying is that he can. If one will pay. Educate yourself on the unit and LEARN to negotiate. Everyone is negotiable when the approach is polite.

  38. Gheeeezus Christ to the "Mastermind" units …… 7Kuba (IG) Bang Bang

  39. @mbroidered has the white futurecraft

  40. BangBangBang

  41. those pink r2s are berry niceee

  42. Dude it's Ferrari Williams what's wrong with you?

  43. This collection is crazy!

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