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  1. Michael Leone

    I have this dark grey travel suit for football that I have what do you guys think would be a good shoe for that it is also nike so I only would wear nike shoes

  2. my fried offer me that white red airmax for $70 should i buy it for resell?

  3. Daniel Burgess

    You and I have different definitions for 'affordable.'


  5. Vans Old Skool: Black and White or All White?

  6. I fuck with your hair Tan

  7. Wtf is on tan head

  8. Juan miguel Dela cruz

    Yung 1

  9. What’s up with tans hair

  10. Affordable sneakers for college students? Tuition is a bitch

  11. how the frick richie got facial hair. whats the secret cow poop??? lol

  12. Already??

  13. Daffa M Nazar

    "Mmmm" -tan tang

  14. Ludwig Saravia

    2:31 Rich voice crack lmao

  15. Thanks for showing me the continentals. Just bought the off white colourway

  16. zombie nation

    So guys I knew it's a bit crazy but I used the Adidas Dame 4 for school for the whole 7th grade and the lasted the whole year. The only problem is the bottom got to dirty and needed constant wipes. Their even great for outdoors. One thing that makes this shoe awsome it has bounce cushioning.

  17. racingstripes103

    for #3 basically don't go to kohl's for vans

  18. *RICH (TO TAN)*: "What would you say you would rock with this?"
    TAN (TO RICH)*: *pfff "I mean with these shoes, *BAE*, I feel like you shouldnt think much, when it comes to your outfit"
    I think Rich and Tan lowkey have a thing going on… lol

  19. The Pheark12gaming

    Got 3 weeks left

  20. Yugis Grandpa

    Take off that fucking hat jeez

  21. Stop talking too much with your hands Ritchie damn it is annoying… And Adidas Pharrell are the best

  22. Had to dislike for the diss on ultraboosts and back go school in july? Still watched tho

  23. this was a great video big inspiration for my videos A s well!

  24. what that vans called it blush or pink?

  25. Dominic DeVito

    For spiridons how do they fit?

  26. Lupin's Wacky World

    I started watching Richie when he was with the fung bros his videos at first were too similar to the fung bros luckily hes doing his own thung and now i basically just watch himw

  27. y'all literally had the wards in a video and kept calling them old skools

  28. Why his hair so greasy

  29. innki ???

  30. Tan look like he in high school with that cut

  31. what kind of vans did he say not to get

  32. Anthony Rodriguez

    Tan would be the coolest looking dude with some tats and a crewcut

  33. Checkered played out already all the thots in my school have them I threw mines away a while ago


  35. Perfect looking flannel on the boy tan, colours look perfect together

  36. Big boy Johnny2

    Please don’t talk about school it’s July

  37. Been working at vans for 2 years it’s always makes me cringe when sneaker heads talk about vans -.-

  38. Tan with no hat!

  39. Idk why everybody is hating on Tans hair it's kinda fresh, I like it

  40. Edgar Martinez

    My dumbass passed on the Spiridons at the outlets for $30. I thought the dad shoe trend wouldn’t take off back in 2016 and now it’s at its peak.

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