BEST BLACK SNEAKERS UNDER $75 | Affordable Men's Fashion

BEST BLACK SNEAKERS UNDER $75 | Affordable Men's Fashion

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  1. Which sneaker from this list is your favorite???

  2. Great video as always. Any suggestions on leather sneakers you can dress up?

  3. I got original all black Stan smiths from adidas website a year ago for $75

  4. Timothy Watters

    As an Adidas guy I like both the Advantage & Sobokav Swerve. This is becoming one of my favorite channels.
    My wish for future videos:
    1. A Summer Lookbook
    2. A video on affordable watches
    3. Upscale Minimalism Lookbook. For when you have to wear a suit or attend a business casual event.

  5. Are any of these sneakers comfortable for person with wide feet and can anyone recommend sneakers that are?

  6. chris balsamo

    Awesome video! I have the advantages in white and they’re a great deal. Could you do a video on sneakers like the Air Force 1?

  7. Thanks for the tip Devan, just ordered the new balance in the black and grey color way.

  8. Great looks father's day gift ideas

  9. Was thinking about getting some Converse again. Perfect timing for this video. Really liked the Vans tho.

  10. The best pair is obviously the vans by vandepink! Clean video my man! I thought you would have added the Classic Superga as well, made with leather.

  11. Brandon Martin

    I'm getting those new balances .

  12. Hey devan…how tall are you?

  13. Floyd Clifton

    Devan have you checked out Pantene's Gold Series?

  14. Floyd Clifton

    I want those suede Van's. Minmlist and sleek. What summer outfit won't work these.

  15. Those leather Chuck's are dope, they give me a boot type vibe like you could rock those instead of boots

  16. Professor EDM

    The black and white Nike Cortez’s could’ve gotten a nod

  17. 1st off, congrats on your anniversary hope ya have fun on vacation

    Now about the sneakers, which one is most comfortable for long walks within nyc

  18. New balance will make a comeback cause of Kahwi Lennard.

  19. Malcolm Mcconner

    This video is right on time. Whoever disliked this is a bum! Lol

  20. The shoe of the day

  21. joshua shylla

    Thanks…. I really needed this.

  22. Jackie V. Meadows

    Here for the sale sneakers! Thanks for the video. I'm going to check out Nordstrom Rack. And them New Balance.

  23. New Balance sucks bro, I'm sorry

  24. Charles Flowers

    That Adidas Sokabov is outstanding. Good looking out on that one. I’m adding this one to my summer shoe list.

  25. Not a fan of the list but appreciate the vid

  26. Great video, I think the Adidas advantage is sick

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