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  1. all these cringey old school design came from vault type shoes are getting ridiculously fugly.

  2. Adidas has so many good non-hyped shoes in their catalogue, both regional and non-regional exclusives. You'll find gems like these if you dont think too much about what's popular or not.

  3. I fw the seconds ones. Nice vid

  4. Didnt like the shoes but, i appreciate you showing some grs. Im fucking tired of seeing hypebeast crap. Thank you for always being original eddy… last of your kind

  5. Both pairs that I've seen in passing and really liked.

  6. One thing that kinda irritates me about Adidas right now is how they only seem to really advertise boost models. Boost is great don’t get me wrong but there are so many trainers they make that are super fresh as well as the classics. They have so many models that go under the radar and a lot that don’t even get released in the states.

  7. Do you prefer StockX or GOAT

  8. I can‘t take that intro Music seriously anymore. Too much bullshit happened to it. 😀

  9. Adidas Spezial models go hard too and they’re always made with premium materials

  10. Liking both of those but have two pairs of all white Stans already so probably won't be buying them. And it's good to see somebody else liking all white sneakers which go better with everything than black pairs IMHO.

  11. I've been eye balling the ar trainer. Just waiting for a sale, but I wish the Adidas branding on the heel and the trefoil logo were off of it. The 3 stripes on the side I think is enough branding

  12. your channel is so underrated

  13. In my humble opinion, when it comes to white sneakers. The white Air Force 1 can not be BEAT

  14. CallmeMikeHarris

    Immediate like just from intro song.

  15. You have an eye for simple yet clean, Sophisticated but street!

  16. the cream continentals with the gum bottoms are a must cop

  17. Eddie, hop on the yung 1 train. The cloud white ones were in my top 5 for sneakers of 2018. They literally work with everything.

  18. Such underrated shoes

  19. That hoodie tho

  20. Those are wild. Had no idea they had these models, very clean. Gonna have to add one of them to my spring shopping list

  21. Those all white powerphases with no YEEZY branding went under the radar…I copped a pair.

  22. Did you cop the new 700’s ? If so is the vid in the works

  23. Eddie you the man ,keep doing you !

  24. They’re clean bro. Appreciate that Adidas knows it doesn’t have to be on the front line of innovation to create fresh stuff, especially after the boost wave has well and truly calmed now. Looking forward to seeing how you style these, maybe see them in a future lookbook

  25. Those adidas are great.

  26. Great video! I like the 2nd pair but the Adidas branding on the first pair looks tacky to me

  27. I can definitely relate to your mindset when it comes to lowkey sneakers that don’t get as much hype as other models.

  28. Was thinking about those premiere's for a while now…might have to pull the trigger!

  29. I like both of those…but def not feeling the off white midsole, if the shoe is white, make the midsole white or make the whole shoe off white…it makes them look like they sat and collected dust for the last 10 years

  30. Would you go up a size on the first shoe???

  31. Clean and versatile

  32. Mann I’m glad I don’t have money to burn.. other than that another great video

  33. Three stripes for the win!

  34. Where do you get your jeans my guy? I usually get Zara’s because of the tapered factor, but lately I haven’t been enjoying their models

  35. I've been on the Nike tailwind 79s lately. These are fire too. Will definitely scoop a pair for the spring

  36. Nice vid bro

  37. Lunchable Cracker


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