Best Men’s Fall Boots & Shoes for 2017

Best Men’s Fall Boots & Shoes for 2017

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  1. EverythingJailbreak Pro

    Don't change your thumbnail aesthetic this just looks cheap

  2. Not a fan of the denim jacket for a man over age 25.

  3. Great looks! awesome for inspiration. But what about chelsea boots??

  4. you are the best. Just the jackets are TOO SHORT, I think it is a sign of manliness to wear comfortable dresses. I love the GREY SNEAKERS

  5. And I like both the boots and the Chucka’s but if you live in an area with a lot of wet conditions due to snow/rain etc. I think they are to labor intensive. As for the double monks what’s your opinion on ox blood for a color?

  6. The business casual outfit is dope imo

  7. Seriously, you must again think about it! Most of the shoes are uncomfortable for fall temperatures.

  8. any of those shoes has a wide width

  9. Jhon Vincent Balogo

    Hi Ashley, I like sleeveless with hoodie, how about that different stylish of sleeveless with hoodie.

  10. I think double monks is all year round and majority of the population consider those as formal shoes. I think Chelsea or dress boots needs to be on the list. To some people Chelsea boots are hard to pull off but is only applies to older 60+ men and the suede ones.

  11. When you say dark wash jeans are you referring to Charcoal or dark grey cuz I have a pair of dark blue jeans

  12. Ashley Weston the stores where I shop for jeans they only come in slim straight or straight the only place I can really try to find slim jeans are online

  13. How about Chelsea Boots?

  14. make a video on shoe fit guide

  15. What is the fit of the uniqlo chino that Dorian is wearing in the first outfit?

  16. No Chelsea boots tisk tisk tisk

  17. you should make more videos about men's fragrances, I might be wrong but it seems like you don't have any

  18. Awesome missssss!!!

  19. Will grey leather sneakers go with beige chinos, then?

  20. Hi durian

  21. Hey Ashley, do you still do outfit feedbacks?

  22. Dorian McCormick

    Nice work Ashley! Really like the looks… I won't necessarily buy the same brands some are pretty pricey but I'll use this for inspiration! My favorite was the look with the double monk straps ..

  23. The outfits and boots looked nice but why in a backdoor alley background???

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