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  1. Ash Bash Sneakers

    I been after a minimal sneaker I can rock out when I'm going too a more smart place.. the first pair are the only ones i'd maybe consider. Common Projects is the go to answer probably but for £315 helll to the naw naw naw I aint doing that.

  2. David Rodríguez

    There are several brands that have sneakers below 100€, apart from the fact that during the sales season they usually have more models at reasonable prices, for example Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, Superga, Feiyue…

  3. Puma has good cheap sneakers at very reasonable quality. If you go on websites like shoes, shoebacca, or finish line, and go low to high, you'll find good 20-45 dollar sneakers and athletic shoes that are very comfortable, and I've been shopping Puma regularly for over a year now, and all my shoes still look great. So definitely a good brand for cheap sneakers. Also, Kenneth Cole has great sales and deals quite often, they have good dress shoes, and sneakers. Recently they had clearance sneakers for 19$, down from 70. So both Puma and Kenneth Cole are great for cheap, but good shoes.

  4. Could you review the Arkk Copenhagen sneakers?

  5. can u do a video on accessories like earrings and bracelets and so on

  6. Noted. It's shopping time.@devanondeck always dropping dime. Thanks a lot mate!

    Pull and bear is so popular in Europe. It's part of the same company as Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, oysho and Massimo dutti! Basically the Inditex group.

  7. god dammit Devan my watch later playlist and my wish list is getting huge because of you… you truly are underrated man I wound not be surprised when I see you at 1 million subs.

  8. Those Jack and Jones are clean!

  9. Pull&Bear is part of the Inditex group, the same group that owns Zara. Bershka. Stradivarius and Massimo Dutto. Oh, and btw, I got those sneakers today, but they set me back a whopping 7,99 EUR 😀 that's how we do sale here in Slovakia 🙂

  10. Great video, give a shout out to style O.G. He gave out the information for your channel

  11. liked several pair but I need WIDE width. Went to NIKE .com today 9 styles TOTAL wide width ….. out of everything th y have 9 styles!!! CRAZY I know many people have wider feet! Mine have become wider with age!!!! And all of those looked the same! HELP! LOL

  12. Respect! I've worked at Jack and Jones for over 7 years and people sleep on the brand!

  13. Idk about you all but I always watch till the very end because you get a few seconds of that FIRE beat!

  14. Thanks again for the videos u make hopefully they have a size 14 the sneakers I need

  15. swaggarifickid1

    @DevanOnDeck how do you feel about Tretorn? They may not be super minimalistic, but I feel they are close.

  16. Never thought P&B would get the DevanOnDeck quality assurance… love you brother

  17. Pull and bear joinlife is definitely on my list

  18. Reebok always has affordable sneakers, that are even good quality.

  19. Thanks again my brother dope video …

  20. damn those paul smith's hittin!!!

  21. Holy shit it's like you could read my mind. Respect!

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