BEST SHOES FOR MEN | Must Have Sneakers for 2019 | Alex Costa

BEST SHOES FOR MEN | Must Have Sneakers for 2019 | Alex Costa

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  1. What are your favorite sneakers right now? Follow me on to see my crazy Coachella weekend!!!
    Thank you,

  2. What cdg converse color do u prefer?

  3. Darrell Castro

    Go ahead, Alex. Make a video for the best white sneakers out there. I know people will be requesting it as well. Hit like if you agree

  4. anyone know where the tan leather chelseas are from?

  5. You should make a video of the best swimsuits

  6. Hi Alex can you make a video about bracelets and rings ?

  7. yes bro, do a white sneakers video

  8. Why hasnt Alex done a shoe collection video ?!?!

  9. DabRecycleMichael

    Anyone else call the Chelseas and the Flyknits being on this list?

  10. Bro u are the best

  11. Are those Chelseas from Ace Marks? They look so beautiful

  12. Cant go wrong with boots, i own a few pair and love them.

  13. Yes please make a video about the best white sneakers

  14. I was thinking about getting new shoes.. And then Alex comes in perfect timing

  15. Faaris Sid-Omar Ibrahim

    When i just bought old school vans and saw Alex on my notifications by saying first thing you have to have old school vans, amazing. thanks man and can't wait your video of Men's Look Book

  16. those covers with the red on them only look good if you pair them with red.

  17. Ooo come on dude! Buy some socks too.. !

  18. If I was to get converse what color should I get

  19. Ricky Gonzales

    Alex you need to make a comparison video on all-white sneakers. Budget friendly vs bang for your buck vs amazing quality/top of the line etc.

  20. @alexcosta can you put the White Sneakers video

  21. literally bought a pair of CGD converse for half the retail price on depop last night… alex, we're on the same wavelength

  22. YourAverageClasher

    Yes please to the white sneaker video!

  23. Yess white sneakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Converse is dope

  25. Make the video

  26. White Lacoste sneakers are are great deal if you get them on sale

  27. Yo bro you gonna pick up the Kay Michele’s boda summer edition

  28. Deepak Adhikari

    Can we wear combat boot with pants and chinos

  29. Martin Razuks-Ebels

    White sneaker video please!!!!!!!


  31. Brock Is A Bot

    best white sneakers please!

  32. A video about how to be cool guy please alex

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