Best Sneaker Vid EVER!!!!!! (Carter’s Collection) pt.1

Best Sneaker Vid EVER!!!!!! (Carter’s Collection) pt.1


  1. Whats up with the tube television and the Nintendo 64 in the background but then you have all those shoes?

  2. Its the jordan fuckin 10 carter!!!!!

  3. Good jab man. Enjoy it. That's gonna be one heck of a collector one day.

  4. My son one day

  5. Chris.floggnaw63

    He has a great dad

  6. Sierra_Stud Hails

    He's so cute!!

  7. i wish they could have gotten through all of them cause it looks like they have some really nice kicks

  8. He's so cute

  9. I'm all up for some nice kicks and his passion is great. But c'mon teach him math and reading etc…. Before some shoes.

  10. has better shoes then me

  11. Brian Scalabrine

    Painful to watch

  12. There hating they allways will its because they want his shoes an cant get them lol

  13. This is unhealthy

  14. Anonymous JIMBOB

    Lol nice video man

  15. Ur son be laced!!!!

  16. i really don't know why any one would thumbs down haters gena hate

  17. Lmao this little guy has a better shoe game than me

  18. This just made my day!!!!

  19. Adorable, when he gets older and is still interested in collecting which I know he will be, that will be a great moment for u man #salute

  20. Noticed that you are a tar heel fan

  21. the kid is walking as hard as me and im 14 

  22. Get him squadrin 13's

  23. u shud get him olympic 7 and bugs bunny 8 he wud rock those lol or doernbecher 4's

  24. Definitely agree with the title.

  25. nice pee stain in your closet

  26. Guilherme Almeida

    Show yours

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