BEST SNEAKERS FOR SCHOOL | 6 Shoes Every Student Needs | Alex Costa

BEST SNEAKERS FOR SCHOOL | 6 Shoes Every Student Needs | Alex Costa

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  1. Come meet me tomorrow at the House99 event in Los Angeles! Details in the description 🙂
    See you there!

  2. Should I buy the white cdg or the black ones?? Im buying hightops btw

  3. Sooo, when YOU get your white shoes dirty, how do you clean them?? Ive tried everything to clean my white cloth vans but they end up turning yellow :/

  4. How much for the yeezys?

  5. What are the shoes at :20, also where to get double monk shoes similar to the ones he's wearing in color?

  6. XxClicli_ _YT_gamingxX

    What school is he going to, it’s 2018 u need yezzys and Jordan’s simple

  7. Saudades do mid que postava cod 🙁

  8. This guy looks like the biggest douce

  9. I basically only ware jordans :/

  10. the 1st "coat " in the video is sick , where you bought?

  11. where tf does this man get $30 vans

  12. How to get bullied 101

  13. Vans $30?!?!! Ummm where tf you get vans at, mine are 70-80$ I need a place where vans are $30

  14. What white school did this man go to

  15. White cdg converse? or cdg black converse?

  16. where is link 5

  17. How do I look good at school when there's strict uniform rules

  18. u getting violated in my school for wearing any of these

  19. What’s the name of that brand in the thumbnail with the heart i always forget

  20. If I had to buy all theese 'have to' items, I would be a bankrupt. I think I couldn't afford half of them without making a heist.

  21. Caramba made terminei meu curso de ingles e lembrei de vc como tudo mudou ainda joga ou agora é vloggerzinho kkkkk

  22. I was gonna get the cdg converse but they fit big and had a only a 10 and 11…

  23. I could say that you are good with but you must make a video on like for skinny people you know some of the dress up doesn’t even look good on us we end up looking pathetic. Im not questioning about your style but really need a video for skinny people to drees up❤️
    Thats all….

  24. Whats the name of the hoodie which you wore @ 3.52 min?

  25. Mens Style Sketch

    Classics for school,NICE

  26. Ravindra ki vines

    Hey man I m from India and I love this video

  27. Are the yeezy 350 considered as slip-on ? ahahah

  28. João Miguel Righetto Setti

    When he said fitted chinos, I honestly hear fetuchines

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